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Why is the African-American community being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic? Why are African-American women 23 times more likely to be infected with AIDS than white women? Why are the HIV rates of African-American men who have sex with men as high as those in sub-Saharan Africa? And what can you do -- what can we all do -- to end this crisis?

We asked a wide range of movers and shakers in the African-American community, from Hollywood to Harlem to Harvard, for their expert advice on the critical issues their community must address -- and the crucial actions it must undertake to turn the epidemic around. Here are the top 10, in no particular order:

Table of Contents

  1. Denial: Save the Children!

  2. HIV Testing: Better Not to Wait, Lest You Be Late

  3. The Down Low: Been There, Done That

  4. Money: More Green for Black Health

  5. The Church: Work in Progress

  6. The Media: Turn Up the Volume

  7. Prevention: Let's Talk About Sex

  8. Homophobia: "Yo, Stop It Fam!"

  9. Healthcare Access: Myths and Medicaid Messes

  10. Stigma: "We All Have AIDS"

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