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January 21, 2008
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    HIV Positive and Clueless
    I just tested HIV positive, I don't have a doctor or health insurance, and I have no idea what I should do next. Where can I turn for help?

    How Does My Body Compare to an HIV-Negative Person's?
    I'm doing well on HIV treatment, but I'm concerned about the effects that HIV and HIV meds may have on my body. Is my health any better or worse right now than an HIV-negative person's? How will this change over time?

    Is It Best to Start HIV Meds Within Six Months of Infection?
    Could starting HIV treatment shortly after being infected protect my immune system from long-term damage?

    What Do These Mouth Sores Mean?
    I've been HIV positive for eight years, and lately I've been getting mouth sores that don't heal quickly. Does this mean I need to start HIV meds?

    Mixology: Alcohol and HIV Meds?
    As long as I'm adherent to my HIV meds, is it all right for me to drink alcohol?

    Stopping Medications When You Have a High CD4 Count
    Is it safe to stop taking HIV meds if you have a CD4 count over 500?

    Choosing First-Line HIV Meds When You Have Drug Resistance
    I've never been on HIV meds, but my HIV is partly resistant to some NRTIs. How will this affect my options for first-line HIV treatment?

    If I'm Undetectable, Am I Immune to HIV Drug Resistance?
    I've had an undetectable viral load for nine months. Does this mean I have no resistance to my HIV meds? Am I still at risk for developing resistance?

    Blip Goes the Viral Load
    I've had an undetectable viral load on HIV meds for about seven years, but my latest lab results showed a viral load of 86. Should I be worried?

    CD4 Count Versus CD4 Percentage
    My CD4 count dropped recently, but my CD4 percentage has stayed pretty much the same. Which number is more important?

    CD4 and Viral Load Change Due to Herpes Medication?
    Can a herpes outbreak -- or the treatment of it with a drug like Valtrex -- affect my HIV viral load and CD4 count?

    Should I Switch Meds if My HIV and Hep B Viral Loads Are Undetectable?
    My hepatitis B and HIV viral loads are undetectable. So why does my doctor want me to switch one of the meds in my treatment regimen?

    Does Having an HIV Viral Load Prove I'm Positive?
    The last time I took an HIV antibody test, a year or two ago, it came back negative. However, a few months ago I got the flu and had lab tests done: They showed I had a CD4 count of about 200 and an HIV viral load of 30,000. Does this mean I definitely have HIV? Should I be on meds?

    Can I Get HIV if Blood Gets Into My Eye?
    I'm an emergency room doctor and recently got a patient's blood in my eye. What steps should I take to reduce my risk of becoming HIV positive?

    HIV: The Rave Party Favor?
    I heard that, at a New Year's Eve rave in California, people were purposely infecting others with HIV by pricking them with needles. Is this true?

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    Strangest but Truest of 2007

    We've scoured our "Ask the Experts" forums and nominated 10 posts we feel are the "best of the worst" of 2007: They're some of the oddest questions we saw people ask about HIV in 2007. Some are shocking, some are sad, many are hilarious -- and we share them with you as reminders of how far we still have to go to educate the world about HIV.

    Which of our 10 finalists represents the most bizarre post from our "Ask the Experts" forums during the past year? Rate each of the nominees using our online survey. We'll announce the winner in our next "Hot Topics" e-mail!

    Visual AIDS
    Art From HIV-Positive Artists

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    "Gio (SF CA) 3," 2003; Nevin Robinson
    Visit the January 2008 Visual AIDS Web Gallery to view our latest collection of art by HIV-positive artists! This month's gallery, entitled "Re-Imagined Boundaries," is curated by the New York University Tisch High School Photography Program.