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ADAP: State-by-State

Winter 2006/2007

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a national program that was started by the U.S. government in 1987 to provide free or low-cost drugs to people with HIV who have limited financial resources. Generally, these are people who have an income that is too high for Medicaid, but who don't have private health insurance because their employer doesn't offer it or because they can't afford it.

ADAPs vary from state to state in terms of what drugs are available, what the income requirements are, and what measures each state has taken to support the program. Most states add money to the funding they receive from the federal government, but some do not. As a result, most states offer drugs to anyone who qualifies, while some have waiting lists. ADAPs act as the payer of last resort, a "safety net" that catches people with HIV who fall through the cracks in the U.S. health care system. With more than 134,000 enrollees, ADAP reaches about a quarter of all people with HIV who are currently in care. Almost 2/3 of ADAP clients are people of color, and half have incomes at or below the Federal Poverty Level ($9,800 a year for an individual).

The steps taken by some states to control the costs of ADAPs include waiting lists, limiting the number of drugs available (formularies) and lowering the income eligibility criteria. As of November 15, 2006, 340 people were on waiting lists. 12 states had some kind of waiting list at some point during 2006, and several others had limited access in other ways.

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 Contact NumberMaximum Individual IncomeNumber of Drugs as of Oct. 2005Clients in June 2005Cost-Cutting Steps in 2006
Alabama800-228-0469$24,50038915Waiting list, Fuzeon waiting list
Alaska907-269-8058$29,4007237Waiting list
Arkansas800-CDC-INFO$29,40053272Waiting list
District of Columbia202-332-2437$39,20078726 
Guam671-735-7137$19,600 (co-payment if over)195 
Idaho208-334-5943$19,60035161Waiting list
Indiana317-233-7450$29,4009762Waiting list
Kentucky505-564-6539$29,40048401Waiting list
Louisiana504-568-5489$19,600261,704Fuzeon waiting list
Massachusetts617-624-5762$50,000open formulary2,368 
Mississippi601-576-7723$39,20052772Medical restrictions
Missouri573-751-6439$29,4002381,200Reduced formulary, income restrictions
Montana406-444-4744$32,34014449Waiting list
Nebraska402-471-0362$19,600104265Waiting list
New Hampshire603-271-4939$29,400open formulary137Reduced formulary, medical restrictions
New Jersey609-984-6328$49,000open formulary3,964 
New Mexico505-827-2363$29,40069Not reported 
New York800-542-2437$44,00048012,686 
North Carolina919-715-3111$12,250591,887 
North Dakota701-328-4555$39,2009433 
Oklahoma405-271-9444$19,60053611Annual limit per person
Puerto Rico787-274-5582$19,6001243,750 
Rhode Island401-222-7548$39,20067Not reported 
South Carolina803-896-3834$29,400 or sliding scale541,793Waiting list, reduced formulary
South Dakota605-773-3737$29,4004459Annual limit per person
Tennessee615-741-8903$29,40091346Reduced formulary
Texas512-490-2510$19,600418,802Fuzeon waiting list
Utah801-538-6131$39,20037225Reduced formulary, cost sharing
Virgin Islands340-772-0260$19,6003857 
West Virginia304-242-9443$24,50033183Waiting list

Source: NASTAD National ADAP Monitoring Project Annual Report, March 2006.

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