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What We Can Do: Sample Proclamation

December 1, 1999

World AIDS Day ·  December 1, 1999

Whereas the global spread of HIV infection and AIDS necessitates a worldwide effort to increase communication, education and action to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS; and,

Whereas the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) observes December 1 of each year as World AIDS Day, a day to expand and strengthen worldwide effort to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS; and,

Whereas UNAIDS estimates that 33.4 million people are currently living with HIV/AIDS, with young people under the age of 25 accounting for more than half of all new infections; and,

Whereas the American Association for World Health is encouraging a better understanding of the challenge of HIV/AIDS nationally as it recognizes that the number of people diagnosed with HIV and AIDS in the United States continues to increase, with 688,200 AIDS cases reported (as of December, 1998); and,

Whereas World AIDS Day provides an opportunity to focus on HIV infection and AIDS, caring for people with HIV infection and AIDS, and learning about HIV and AIDS; and,

Whereas the 1999 World AIDS Day theme, AIDS -- End the Silence. Listen, Learn, Live!, encourages us to:

Now, therefore, be it proclaimed that I, _______________________, [title] do hereby declare that [your city] will observe  World AIDS Day on December 1, 1999; I urge all citizens to take part in activities and observances designed to increase awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS as a global challenge, to take part in HIV/AIDS prevention activities and programs, and to join the global effort to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS.

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