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What We Can Do: Media Outreach -- Media Advisory Outline

December 1, 2001

A media advisory is a document sent to the media (radio, television, newspapers, Web sites, etc.) in advance of an event. The goal is to give adequate notice to the media outlet so that they will plan to send a reporter and/or photographer to the event. Unlike a press release, which you hope will be quoted word-for-word, you do not need to give many details in a media advisory. Instead, you give just the facts and, perhaps, a sentence or two to spark the interest of media editors, producers or reporters. [See "Media Outreach Guide" in this resource book for advice on how to appeal to the media.]

The media advisory should appear on your organization's letterhead.

Elements of a Media Advisory


[Name, address, phone of contact person at your agency]

Headline (ex., World AIDS Day to Be Observed):
[Include a secondary headline if you like]

[Describe your activity or program in a brief paragraph]


[Name of your organization]

Keynote Speaker:
[State, city, or community leader], [Title]

Master of Ceremonies:
[Name and title]

When and Where:
[Date and time of event]
[Location, street address, city, state, zip]

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