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Thank You for Reading

By Paul Serchia

December 2002

Thank You for Reading

I never thought that I would be around to see Positive Living end.

I have always had a personal stake in this publication; in 1988, I left a job at a daily newspaper in a community far removed from the AIDS epicenter to accept a position at AIDS Project Los Angeles. After a few years of AIDS do-goodery, in the fall of 1991, I got an HIV diagnosis of my very own.

Few people have the privilege of getting a disease and then creating a magazine about the affliction. But I got a crack at it. And while Positive Living may have had some dodgy moments -- anyone remember our cover story on the guy who sang the wonders of the Kombucha mushroom? -- there were also occasional high points.

And 11 years is not a bad run. (Let's see if that magazine for folks with attention deficit disorder lasts even half as long.)

If I excelled at anything in this post as editor, that would be my uncanny knack for hiring. Publication coordinators Suren Seropian, Holly Harootunian, Kylie Schwerdtfeger, Tracy Sigrist and Michael Storc all served memorable stints on this publication's masthead, and I thank each of them for their talents, humor and deep capacity for tolerating me. (An unrepentant Luddite, I surrendered my X-acto blades and hot wax dispenser only as the new millennium dawned.) I also was blessed with a large corps of APLA volunteers too numerous to cite here by name, and APLA co-workers whose contribution was lasting and meaningful.

I don't have any way of knowing how many of you readers have been with us from the beginning in 1992. Our subscription list was constantly churning. On any given day in the early '90s, I received returned magazines in envelopes stamped "Deceased," and over the years I have fielded hundreds of calls from spouses and family members and landlords, asking to have a particular individual's name removed from our mailing list. By far, that was the saddest part of serving as editor of Positive Living, even sadder than turning off its light.

I thank all of you for spending time with Positive Living. I hope that you found that your time in these pages was worth your while.

Paul SerchiaPaul Serchia is the editor of Positive Living. He can be reached by calling (213) 201-1362 or by e-mail at

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