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Georgia AIDS Therapy Information Network Steps Up AIDS Fraud Awareness Campaign

By Chris Companik

February 2000

In an effort to combat HIV/AIDS fraud, members and representatives of local AIDS organizations along with the Food and Drug Administration formed GATIN, the Georgia AIDS Therapy Information Network.

When people are confronted with illnesses like AIDS, they often desperately try almost anything that "promises" to help. Some of these alternative treatments may be helpful, or at the very least harmless, while others can be very dangerous or even deadly.

Some recent examples brought to GATIN's attention include:

Ask yourself the following questions before beginning any AIDS treatment:

You will soon see posters alerting the public to this serious problem. Initially the posters will be seen on MARTA train platforms and buses [in Atlanta]. GATIN has set up two ways for you to report suspect products or services. GATIN provides a toll-free hotline (Georgia AIDS Info-Line) 1-800-551-2728 or visit GATIN's web site at There you will find more common fraudulent techniques of which we need to be aware.

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