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What Supplements I Take and Why
Guy's Supplement Regimen from AIDS Treatment Initiative

By Guy Pujol

July 2001

People often ask me what supplements I take. Since I just re-evaluated my supplement regimen and made a few modifications and changes, I realized this would be a good time to share with you the supplements I take and why I take them.

To offer a variety of opinions and approaches to complementary therapies, I have also asked several members of AIDS Treatment Initiative and a couple of my colleagues to write about the supplements they take. Over the next few issues of Survival News, AIDS Treatment Initiative will be running articles written by people who take well thought-out supplement regimens.

This series of personal supplement regimens is not intended to endorse any particular supplements or advise readers what supplements to take. The goal is to create a mosaic of perspectives that will raise provocative questions about complementary therapies and further entice readers to think critically about supplements and the role they play in our health and wellness.

My Daily Supplements

In general, I take a very high antioxidant regimen of supplements to protect cells and boost immune system function. My approach to boosting the immune system is two-fold: antioxidant supplements that stimulate the production of glutathione and a herbal supplement, which regulates or balances the immune system.

Every-Other-Day Supplements

In addition to the daily supplements listed above, I also take the following supplements at regular intervals for additional support. These supplements are either already in my multivitamin and I want a slightly higher dose (but daily would be higher than I want) or it is not part of my daily regimen but only wanted in smaller doses (therefore not every day):

If you would like to write about the supplements you take and why for this series, please contact ATI directly to discuss guidelines and submission dates.

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