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Volunteer Profile:
Bridget Murphy Brogden

May 2001

Bridget Murphy Brogden is the Account Manager who oversees the bulk mailing of Survival News each month. She was presented with a plaque honoring her for her outstanding service as a volunteer with ASP over the past 5 years. When asked why she enjoys servicing AIDS Survival Project's account she said, "It's funny you ask me that because just last night I had to sign a release form for my 9-year-old daughter to participate in a class on human sexuality. I feel it is important that we teach our children when they are young about the risks of HIV as well as the facts about how it is transmitted. I want my children to know that you can't get it through casual contact."

She continued, "I have had several relatives pass away from AIDS too. This is something that is important to me." Bridget is married to James Brogden and has a daughter, Sequoia Washington, who is nine years old and a son, Zekiah, who is seven years old. Bridget is one of the individuals who is making a difference quietly behind the scenes and it's through her employers Bob and Susan Gates of Gates Marketing that we first became aware of her work.

Gates Marketing has been providing AIDS Survival Project with free mailing services for our newsletter for over five years. Each year this amounts to over $2,000 in savings for AIDS Survival Project. In addition to financial support, the staff at Gates has also provided the volunteer support necessary to get our newsletters out in a timely manner.

Gates marketing celebrated their 10th anniversary this past April. Upon opening their business, owners Rob and Susan Gates made a commitment to support local charities and help improve the lives of others in some way. Five years ago, they were approached by John Monroe of Printing Concepts and asked if they might be interested in assisting AIDS Survival Project with our newsletter mailings. The rest is history!

The Gates have two children, Lukus Graham Gates, and Douglas James Gates. Rob and Susan are aware of how AIDS has impacted the community. In the last several years, they have been concerned at how many in the business community have discontinued or lessened their financial support of HIV/AIDS organizations. As small business owners, they understand how difficult it is to be without or get affordable health insurance. Rob said, "The costs that can be incurred when one is ill is mind-boggling. I can only imagine how difficult is must be for those needing to purchase HIV/AIDS cocktails." His hope is that the support they provide us will continue to make a difference. We would like to let them know that it does!

Many thanks to Rob and Susan Gates, Bridget Murphy Brogden and all the great folks at Gates Marketing whose volunteer contributions help bring Survival News to you each month!

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