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Excellent Book on Gay Men's Health

by John S. James

June 23, 2000

Men Like Us, "the GMHC complete guide to gay men's sexual, physical, and emotional well-being" written by the Gay Men's Health Crisis and Daniel Wolfe (Ballantine Books, April 2000, paperback, 656 pages, $24.95 -- hard cover also available) deals with health, sex, people, communication, relationships, and spirituality; almost everyone will learn something from this book. It includes humorous comments as well as serious information, and is particularly valuable for the quotes and sidebars in which people tell what is actually going on in their lives.

From the Introduction: "Why would GMHC -- an AIDS organization -- write a book as broad as this one? Because nearly two decades of experience with gay men have shown that issues raised by HIV are much bigger than condoms to stop the virus or pills to treat it. For gay men, effective HIV prevention and treatment has meant grappling with the full scope of issues raised by how we live and love: how we think about ourselves and others, sexual communication, relationships, spirituality, and aging. These pages try to communicate some of that wisdom, and recognize how important it is to build on it as the lives of gay men with HIV -- and the lives of gay men who don't have the virus -- stretch into the new millennium."

Only part of one chapter is on HIV treatment -- which is fortunate because treatment information changes rapidly, so these pages will soon be obsolete. The rest of the book will have a longer life.

Major chapter headings [the additions in brackets are ours]:

Men Like Us can be ordered through bookstores, or purchased from online booksellers such as or; both currently charge $19.96 for the paperback edition.

ISSN # 1052-4207

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