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African Americans and AIDS Conference, Feb. 19-20, Washington, D.C.: Fauci, Gayle, Primm and Other Speakers

January 26, 2001

The 2001 National Conference on African Americans and AIDS will take place February 19-20, 2001 at the Washington D.C. Renaissance Hotel, 999 9th Street NW, Washington D.C.. Due to the late notice this year, registrations will be accepted at the door, and conference organizers are determined that no one will be turned away.

This conference comes shortly after news of disastrous rates of HIV infection among gay African Americans and other minorities. An epidemiological study in New York City found HIV infection rate now more than ten times as high among African Americans than among whites (33% vs. 2%) in gay men age 23-29. The researchers found no behavioral risk factor which could explain the difference. The study, by L. Torian and others, will be presented at the Retroviruses conference in early February; a report appeared February 24 in New York Newsday.

Program of February 19-20 Conference

The current program includes:


Registration: There is no fee to register, and the registration desk will remain open through the conference. It is best to register early, by contacting Stacey Everett at Firehouse Event Planning, phone 609-936-1966, fax 609- 936-0479.

Continuing education credit: 16 hours Category One, no fee.


This program is funded through unrestricted educational grants provided by:


At a time of growing problems around the pharmaceutical industry and its relationship to individual and public health goals, the program stands out as a clear success. For the first two years it was funded entirely by Bristol-Myers Squibb; this year funding is from multiple sources.

Yes, the conference serves a marketing purpose, since more attention on this issue will probably result in more African Americans with HIV receiving medical care -- and some of them will use the sponsors' high-profit antiretrovirals. But here the corporate purpose is consistent with the public goal of getting people with HIV into medical care, so that they and their doctors can make informed decisions about what treatment, if any, to begin. In this case, public and commercial goals coincide.

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