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December 4, 2002

World AIDS Day Never Ends

This year's World AIDS Day may be over, but the issues it brought to light very much remain. Be sure to visit World AIDS Day 2002 at The Body and learn more about the devastating role that stigma and inequality play in the spread of HIV, as well as what you can do to help fight it.

Plus, don't forget about our brand-new Art Action AIDS/Visual AIDS E-Cards! Send one to a friend to show you care, or use them as a tool to increase others' awareness of HIV.

"By raising awareness and promoting acceptance of people living with HIV/AIDS, we help improve the lives of millions of people around the world and demonstrate the compassion of our Nation." George W. Bush may not be doing much to prevent HIV in the U.S., but he did issue a Presidential proclamation of World AIDS Day 2002.

December's Gallery From Artists With HIV

The December Visual AIDS Web Gallery featuring the work of HIV-positive artists is now live. Browse through this surprising, inspiring collection!

Menstrual Changes in HIV-Positive Women

Women with HIV very often experience changes in their menstrual cycles: unusually light or heavy amounts of bleeding, missed periods or no periods at all. What causes these changes, and what should you do about it if they happen to you? Find out in ACRIA's outstanding "Treatment Issues for Women" guide.

At The Body's Community Center, You're Never Alone

Want to connect with other HIV-positive people? Visit our busy bulletin boards at The Body's Community Center every day and talk about whatever's on your mind!

New Treatment Research From Glasgow Conference

Read the latest news about HIV from the 6th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection:

An increasing number of studies have looked at starting HIV treatment with four drugs. One recent trial focused on patients with CD4 counts of mostly under 100. The results so far? After 24 weeks more than 50 percent of patients achieved viral loads below 50. Dr. Mark A. Wainberg reports.

Because of interactions, the once-daily pairing of tenofovir (Viread) and ddI (Videx) is still being studied. The latest trials show that tenofovir and ddI can be taken together without reducing ddI's potency, provided they're consumed with a light meal. Dr. Mark Nelson reports.

Dr. Mark A. Wainberg reports on the latest in HIV drug development.

For an Old HIV/Hepatitis Warrior, a New Liver

"I now have the liver of a 45-year-old man. Each day I feel vital and vibrant. I have no side effects. My hepatitis B appears to be gone from my body. And I truly feel like I am 45 again. Everything I went through was worth it ..." AIDS activist Larry Kramer writes about his new liver.

A Heroic Stance on HIV Treatment in Africa

South African activist Zackie Achmat has refused to take the anti-HIV medications that will save his life until those meds are available to everyone with HIV in his country. Click here to read excerpts from Achmat's speech at the XIV International AIDS Conference.

Generation X, With HIV

"While I thought my generation was protected from HIV, I was conscious of a moral and social responsibility that my 'protected' generation shared with others." Thirty-one years old and HIV-positive, David Weeks ruminates on HIV among people under 35.

Shadow Cast on Scathing Marijuana Report

Doubts are increasing about the results of a widely publicized report that implied marijuana smoke is more dangerous than cigarette smoke. AIDS Treatment News provides an analysis.

Test Your HAART-Adherence Mettle

If you haven't taken this online adherence survey yet, what are you waiting for? AIDS Action's interactive questionnaire will tell you just how well you're sticking to your HIV-treatment regimen.

New Program Gives Nevirapine to Low-Income HIVers

AIDS Treatment News analyzes a new patient-assistance program set up to provide nevirapine to U.S. residents with low incomes.

Are You Hypersensitive to Abacavir?

A genetic test being developed in Australia may help predict whether a person will develop a dangerous hypersensitivity reaction to abacavir (Ziagen).

How ADAP Went to Hell

What has caused the current funding crisis now threatening AIDS Drug Assistant Programs (ADAPs) throughout the U.S.? GMHC Treatment Issues discusses the ADAP emergency.

Asian Americans Have Unequal Access to Treatment

"The popular image of Asian and Pacific Islanders is that of the 'model minority': well educated and well off. When it comes to HIV care, however, their educational and economic status doesn't guarantee access." Treatment educator Yukihiro Ippei Yasuda talks about reaching a group of people that can often be hard to target.

Web Highlights

A Selection of the Top HIV/AIDS Stories From Across the Internet:

Arab World Must Not Rest in Battle Against AIDS
A Lebanese newspaper says it's time for Arab countries to stop worrying about taboos and start talking about HIV
From The Daily Star, Lebanon (December 2, 2002)

China's Deadly Cover-Up
The country's silent but devastating HIV epidemic is forcing Chinese parents to give away their children
From The New York Times (free registration reguired) (Novermber 29, 2002)

The View at AIDS Ground Zero
A small, Canadian-backed project in Zimbabwe offers a glimmer of promise for low-cost treatment
From The Globe and Mail (November 27, 2002)

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