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November 5, 2003

Disclosing Your HIV Status at Work

When Steve McMahon decided to tell his coworkers he had HIV, he knew it wouldn't be easy. "I found that it was easiest to let people know about my status by dropping small hints," he says -- like beginning to take his meds at his desk, and talking with them if they asked him about it. Read more about Steve's personal story of workplace disclosure.

Ten Tips on Injecting T-20 (Fuzeon)

If you're taking T-20 (enfuvirtide, Fuzeon), or may soon be, print out this important list of steps to help reduce your risk of skin reactions and make sure that your injections are as comfortable as possible. The tips are just one small part of The Body's in-depth look at how T-20 works. It's written by Dr. Cal Cohen, one of The Body's most popular online experts.

Can Microbicides Really Make a Difference in the Fight Against HIV?

What's so great about microbicides? How are they different from an HIV vaccine, and why do we need them so urgently? Bob Huff has all the answers in this thorough overview of what makes microbicides such a unique, powerful tool in preventing HIV transmission throughout the world.

ADAP Waiting Lists Continue to Grow

AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) across the U.S. pay for HIV medications for more than 100,000 people. But 16 states are now restricting access to their ADAPs, leaving 679 people on waiting lists, unable to pay for their medications. Click here to find out which states have ADAP waiting lists or may have waiting lists soon.

What Happens When You Qualify for Both Medicaid and Medicare?

You're HIV positive and eligible for both Medicaid AND Medicare benefits. That's great, right? Not necessarily: As this letter from AIDS advocates warns, you might not be able to receive all the financial help you need.

Why So Much of the World Can't Get HIV Treatment

It's not just big pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. who are standing in the way of attempts to make generic HIV medications available throughout the developing world. The real story behind the treatment access tug-of-war is a good deal more complicated, writes Anne Christine d'Adesky of amfAR.

Latin America Struggles to Battle HIV

Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama: They're three countries you don't hear talked about much in relation to HIV. But thousands of their citizens are HIV positive, and the fight to provide those people with the HIV medications they need is still raging -- with different consequences in each country.

Contest Winners Highlighted in This Month's Web Gallery

Check out the year's artistic cream of the crop in the November Visual AIDS Web Gallery. This month, the gallery features award-winning, provocative artworks by the 21 people who won this year's Share Your Vision contest! Share Your Vision is a national art competition created by Visual AIDS to raise awareness of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in people with HIV.

Need Help Finding Affordable Housing?

Finding safe, affordable housing when you are HIV positive and strapped for cash can be challenging. But many states provide help through housing assistance programs. Rachel Moorhead explains some of the options.

When Thoughts of the Holidays Get You Down

Dreading the holiday season? You're not the only one! Many people, particularly those with HIV, feel that the expectation for absolute joyous celebration with a perfect family is a bit unrealistic. As a result, they often end up feeling blue as the holidays approach. Here are some simple rules from Survival News for managing this time of great expectations.

How to Make Sure Your Next Job Sticks

Ever land what seemed like it would be the perfect job, only to lose it due to a few pivotal mistakes and some plain old bad luck? Wish you could figure out where you went wrong, and how to make sure your next "dream job" is a dream come true? Psychiatrist J. Buzz von Ornsteiner has some advice.

Update on Dangerous Interactions Between Club Drugs and HAART

From Liquid X to speed, ecstasy to Special K, club drugs are growing in popularity. It's no secret that many of them cause health problems, but did you know that several can also interact dangerously with HIV meds? Sarah Biel-Cunningham, M.S.W., has the details.

Liver Transplants: There's a Lot to Consider

Wondering if a liver transplant might be in your future? There's a lot you should learn about it first. Liver damage caused by hepatitis C coinfection can be treated in several other ways before a transplant becomes necessary, and you must pass certain requirements before you can become eligible for a transplant.

Keys to Handling HIV Benefits and Insurance

Financial consultant Per Larson provides this useful overview of the financial pitfalls and opportunities that await people living with HIV, particularly when it comes to disability benefits and life insurance.

Abstinence Pledges Don't Hold Water, Study Finds

A recent survey of nearly 600 U.S. teens revealed that 61 percent of those who took abstinence pledges had broken them within a year. More sad news: Over half of the teens who said they kept their abstinence pledges admitted to having oral sex.

Anger Grows Over Bush Administration's U.S. AIDS Plans

Frustrated that the Bush administration seems not to care about people with HIV in the U.S.? So are a growing number of AIDS advocates and healthcare workers. Several wrote this letter to President Bush explaining why they feel his policies are actually making life worse for HIV-positive Americans, and are hurting efforts to prevent the spread of HIV.

Web Highlights

A Selection of the Top HIV/AIDS Stories From Across the Internet:

"I Was Infected Needlessly"
Nate Longtin, 24, is warning other gay young men about the dangers of unsafe sex and HIV.
From The Boston Globe (November 4, 2003)

Two-Thirds of Young U.S. Gay Men Use Drugs, Says Study
This large, multi-city study is the first of its kind to examine drug use among gay men. Its findings are all the more disturbing because of previously established links between substance abuse and unsafe sex.
From (November 4, 2003)

Clinton Q & A: "I Knew It Needed to Be Done"
Bill Clinton talks to TIME about his foundation and the ongoing fight for better global access to HIV medications.
From TIME Europe (November 3, 2003)

Killed by Corruption
China's rural poor are the main victims of the world's fastest-growing HIV epidemic, writes a reporter for The Guardian.
From The Guardian (November 3, 2003)

The Big Chill at the Lab
Columnist Bob Herbert examines the recent controversy over a list of U.S. government research grants -- some of which focus on HIV/AIDS and high-risk sexual behavior -- that the National Institutes of Health has been asked to review. The list was compiled by the Traditional Values Coalition, a deeply conservative religious group.
From The New York Times (November 3, 2003)

Brazil to Offer Massive, Free AIDS Testing
Brazil, which already pays the cost of HAART for its HIV-positive citizens, has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage its citizens to receive free, confidential HIV testing.
From Reuters Health (October 30, 2003)

Show Them the Money
Bill Clinton's HIV/AIDS foundation may have brokered the cheapest price yet for HIV medications in Africa and the Caribbean, The Guardian's health editor writes, but it's small comfort if world governments fail to follow suit.
From The Guardian (October 30, 2003)
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