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October 9, 2002

More Highlights From ICAAC 2002

Polylactate acid (New-Fill) injections not only improve the appearance of HIV-positive people with facial wasting, they also help reduce anxiety and depression in people dealing with this problem, according to a recent study. Dr. Matthew Leibowitz reports.

How do HIV-entry inhibitors like T-20 (enfuvirtide, Fuzeon) work, and why are doctors so excited about their potential? Dr. Paul Sax explains.

Read through the rest of our expert coverage of the 42nd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents! Our ICAAC 2002 home page provides a fully searchable, browseable rundown of all the major HIV/AIDS news from last month's conference in San Diego.

How Do Some People Naturally Suppress HIV?

A fascinating new study shows why the immune systems of a rare group of people called "long-term nonprogressors" -- individuals whose HIV infections haven't worsened despite never taking HAART -- are able to control HIV.

HIV Casts Long Shadow Over Asia

"The epidemic in Asia threatens to become the largest in the world," said Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS. "The question is no longer whether Asia will have a major epidemic, but rather how massive it will be."

Diabetes Treatment Carries Lactic Acidosis Risk

Metformin (Glucophage) is being increasingly used in HIV-positive people with diabetes -- but could the drug also increase a person's risk of developing lactic acidosis? The Center for AIDS fills us in.

Drug Pirates Play With Africans' Lives

Profiteers have intercepted almost $18 million worth of reduced-price anti-HIV medications destined for Africa's poor, shipping the drugs to Europe instead and selling them at marked-up prices, investigators say. It's believed that as many as 3 million antiretroviral doses meant for impoverished Africans never made it to their destinations.

Getting Help for HIV-Related Depression

Depression, anxiety, dementia -- all can be common mental problems in people with HIV, but professional counseling can help. Here's some information on this problem, with a handy list of resources for people in the Houston area.

Worldwide Art Contest Seeks Inspiring Images

Are you an artist? Do you have an image that the global HIV/AIDS community can benefit from? If the answer is YES, then find out how you can participate in the Candlelight Memorial Poster Contest.

Are You an Adherence God?

Take this convenient online survey and get your own personal adherence score. Are you a 7, sticking to your meds better than fingers to Krazy Glue? Or are you a 1 -- unable to take your meds even if someone poured them down your throat with a funnel?

If I Could Buy the World Some HAART

Amid a growing chorus of criticism that major corporations are doing little to stem the tide of HIV in the developing world, Coca-Cola announced it will spend up to $5 million a year to fund HIV/AIDS treatment for its African workers.

There's No AIDS Vaccine, But at Least You're Not Packing a Box Cutter

"There is more money being spent to feel you up at airports than is being spent to find an AIDS vaccine. Which would make you the safest?" Search For a Cure director David Scondras discusses the recent ICAAC conference and its focus on bioterrorism.

Could Syphilis Be the Tip of the Iceberg?

Syphilis cases have increased dramatically among gay men in New York City. The increase prompted concern among public health experts that there has been a resurgence in risky sexual activity.

Kidney Dialysis May Lower HAART Doses

Researchers have reported that HIV-positive people on dialysis need much lower doses of 3TC (lamivudine, Epivir) than are normally required.

It's Never Too Early to Prep for World AIDS Day

Planning for World AIDS Day 2002? Check out our comprehensive section for loads of ideas.

Web Highlights

A Selection of the Top HIV/AIDS Stories From Across the Internet:

Report on Adherence From the XIV International AIDS Conference in Barcelona
From The Hopkins HIV Report (November 2002)

HIV, AIDS Spreading Rapidly in Eastern Europe
A three-minute interview with the director of international AIDS prevention efforts at the Open Society Institute
Available only in RealAudio format
From National Public Radio (September 26, 2002)

Unrecognized HIV Infection, Risk Behaviors, and Perceptions of Risk Among Young Black Men Who Have Sex With Men -- Six U.S. Cities, 1994-1998
Nearly all of the HIV-positive men in the survey had no idea they were infected
From Journal of the American Medical Association (September 18, 2002)

Clinical Pathway Lectures
Part of the 2002 Ryan White CARE Act Grantee Meeting in August, the Clinical Pathway online lectures focus on current clinical issues in HIV management
From International AIDS Society-USA (August 2002)

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