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May 29, 2002

Beware of Fake Anemia Drug

Amgen, with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, recently notified pharmacists and healthcare providers of counterfeit Epogen (epoetin alfa).

New-Fill: The Best Choice for Facial Wasting?

"I swallow hard. 'Yeah, It looks great,' I lie. I smile. A misshapen, swollen, blotchy face contorts back at me, and I hardly recognize that it's me. What the hell have I done?" Jeff Berry describes his experience getting New-Fill injections.

The Best Kind of Gay Activism

It's time to start focusing on the positives, says AIDS activist Eric Rofes. He's launched a nationwide campaign urging gay men -- and doctors, and researchers -- to spend more time and energy focusing on the good things the gay male community can do to help fight HIV.

Join the Discussion!

Thousands of people frequent The Body's bulletin boards to talk about living, learning and coping with HIV; why haven't you? Connect with others at our busy community center!

Immune Recovery: The Other Way to Fight HIV

Strengthening the body's immune system -- always a hot topic in HIV research -- is getting a slew of extra attention as scientists look for new and innovative ways to parry HIV's attack. In this conference review, Treatment Action Group takes a closer at recent developments.

Teaching Parents to Teach Their Kids

Mothers' Voices is not your everyday HIV-prevention group. They teach children about sexuality and HIV not by reaching kids directly, but by educating their parents, so that young people will learn some of life's most important lessons straight from their moms.

Viagra Isn't the Only Solution

Worried about using Viagra to help improve your sexual performance? You've got plenty of other options at your disposal, from testosterone supplements to a whole range of herbal remedies. STEP Perspective offers some suggestions.

Fighting HIV With the Help of a Pet

"There's nothing like having to care for another living thing when you're not yet sure how to care for yourself." Carlos Perez writes about how his life changed when he got a dog.

Telling Family and Friends: The Aftermath

Most of Tricia Sanchez's family back home didn't react well to her HIV diagnosis. "I now feel ashamed to go home," she writes. "It was very difficult because my family were pushing me aside. They didn't call me or invite me over like they used to, and they were afraid to hug me." Read her story, one of many written by HIV-positive Hispanic men and women in "Breaking the Silence."

Drugs in the Pipeline

A quick but very comprehensive list of anti-HIV drugs in various stages of development, from final-stage clinical trials to those gathering dust on the shelf.

"My Dog Ate My Meds"

If you think YOU'VE messed up on taking anti-HIV medications, you haven't read pharmacist Glen Pietrandoni's article on his clients' screwups!

Teaching College Women About STD Prevention

Practitioners need to communicate to college women -- in a non-judgmental way -- that engaging in unprotected sex with a monogamous partner still holds risks because of that person's previous partners, researchers say.

Research on Mixed-Status Couples

Dr. Robert Remien and Michael Stirratt discuss the latest efforts to research the lives, relationships and treatment challenges of mixed-status couples.

The U.S. AIDS Budget: Good and Bad

Treatment Action Group's Mark Harrington analyzes President Bush's proposed 2003 budget -- and the mixed blessing it offers to AIDS research in the U.S.

How Lawyers and Doctors Prioritize Your Care

Your doctor and your attorney may both be out to protect your interests, but they do so in very different ways. Positive Living provides an overview of what each professional sees when he or she looks at your medical chart.

Web Highlights
A Selection of the Top HIV/AIDS Stories From Across the Internet

Hope in a Vial: Will There Be an AIDS Vaccine Anytime Soon?
A fabulous analysis of the current vaccine situation.
From Scientific American (June 2002)

Clues Found to Circumcision's HIV-Protective Effect
The key, researchers say, may be in especially HIV-susceptible foreskin cells.
From Reuters Health (May 28, 2002)

South Dakota Gay Couple Faces Prison for Exposing Others to HIV
They could face up to 90 years each.
From The Washington Blade (May 24, 2002)

Maverick AIDS Researchers Spark Funding Debate
Some scientists in sub-Saharan Africa favor prevention over treatment.
From San Francisco Chronicle (May 24, 2002)

Changing Treatment: Guide to Second-Line & Salvage Therapy
Information and advice for HIV-positive people whose first drug regimen isn't working.
From HIV i-Base (April 2002)

YoLanda Says: Off-Beat Advice for the HIV Positive
Including "100 Great Things About Being HIV+" and the hassles of waiting for "HIV-free laundry," just two of the wacky articles YoLanda -- a.k.a. HIV-positive Franco-American author F.J. Venezia -- has written.

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