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May 15, 2002

Beware of Ziagen in Combivir Bottles

If you take Combivir, check your pills: They might actually be Ziagen. If your Combivir bottle contains yellow, capsule-shaped tablets with "GX 263" engraved on one side, you've been given the wrong drug -- contact your pharmacist immediately. The FDA has more on what appears to be a dangerous case of drug counterfeiting.

Need Advice on Managing Pain?

Coping with neuropathy? Painful bone problems? An uncomfortable skin condition? No matter what the cause, our Ask the Experts forum on pain management can help you find the solution. From Lidoderm to Vioxx, from patches to pills, our talented pain specialist from the Beth Israel Medical Center, Dr. Lauren Shaiova, is on hand to answer all your pain-related questions.

Important Physicians' Conference Tomorrow

HIV/AIDS-treating physicians from throughout the United States will gather May 16-17, at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center, to debate and discuss areas of clinical uncertainty in HIV medicine and treatment.

Women More Open About Sexual Infections

Women are seven times more likely than men to admit to a partner that they have an STD, according to recent research.

Most People in Favor of Sex Ed in Schools

Just how much does the U.S. public support sexuality education? A lot more than you might think: In 2000, 85 percent of adults feel sex ed should be taught in public schools, and 91 percent said high schoolers should be taught about birth control. Read much more in this report from SIECUS.

Don't Ignore the Risks of Hypertension

Hypertension strikes a massive number of people in the U.S. -- it's so common, in fact, that many people ignore it and its potentially dangerous effects: heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, even blindness. Lipodystrophy and raised cholesterol levels can put many HIV-positive people at even greater risk for hypertension. Positive Living offers some tips on how you can reduce that risk.

Vitamins and Minerals, From A to Z

Check out this great chart of major vitamins and minerals from AIDS Community Research Initiative! Learn about where you can find them, what functions they serve in the body, and how much of each is too much.

Warning Flag on Tenofovir/ddI Mix

Tenofovir can greatly boost the rate of Videx EC (ddI) absorption in the bloodstream, which may increase a person's risk of complications like peripheral neuropathy and pancreatitis. If you're taking tenofovir DF at the same time as Videx EC or Videx TABS, talk to your doctor about your options. Videx's manufacturer provides more information in this letter to healthcare professionals.

What Makes Young Adults Get Tested?

The Journal of American College Health recently examined factors that influence college students' decisions to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. Read its interesting results.

Where's the Pride in "Gay Pride"?

"The face of AIDS on Fire Island is much the same as in any predominantly gay community anywhere. ... In any of them you look and see that an entire generation is missing: mine." Michael Safdiah writes about how the gay-pride movement has failed in its most important mission: to teach gay men how valuable their lives are.

Meet the Newest Approved CMV Treatment

Valganciclovir (brand name Valcyte) was approved last year as a new treatment for cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis, which impairs vision. Learn the basics about this new drug, courtesy San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Could Vaccine Research Hurt More Than It Helps?

GMHC Treatment Issues wades through the complicated world of HIV vaccines, politics and clinical trials. Are the government's vaccine efforts life-saving, or a disaster waiting to happen?

Cervix Risks for HIV+ Women

In a study that reaffirms the importance of regular gynecological exams for HIV-positive women, researchers found a greatly increased risk of the development of abnormal growths on the cervix.

Open Clinical Trial Information

The National Institutes of Health houses the nation's most renowned biomedical research institutions -- many of which are in the process of conducting HIV/AIDS clinical trials. Browse through this list to see if there are any you may be interested in joining.

How Can Drug Prices Come Down?

Listen in as a patent attorney and an AIDS activist debate the best ways to lower astronomically high drug prices.

So Many Children Claimed by HIV

With 8,000 children and young people infected with HIV every day around the world, UNAIDS' executive director says, it's long past time we took action.

Want to Work While on Social Security?

If you're on Social Security and thinking about also working, check out this handy article that explains the U.S. government's incentives to obtain or return to work.

Web Highlights
A Selection of the Top HIV/AIDS Stories From Across the Internet

Raising Self-Esteem
A program aimed at raising the self-esteem of inner-city children and keeping them off drugs and alcohol also kept them from having unprotected sex and getting pregnant, researchers said
From The International Planned Parenthood Federation (May 14, 2002)

Papua New Guinea Faces AIDS Epidemic
A recent report says AIDS could kill 40 percent of the population by 2020
From BBC News (May 14, 2002)

Global AIDS Relief Gets Bipartisan Push
The U.S. House considers tacking another $200M onto its global AIDS budget
From The Philadelphia Inquirer (May 13, 2002)

Adolescents and HIV
Current state of HIV among youth, including prevention, testing, epidemiology and clinical trials
From The Hopkins HIV Report (May 2002)

TB and HIV: Challenges and Progress
A Retrovirus Conference recap, which notes there's a long way to go in the fight against tuberculosis
From The Hopkins HIV Report (May 2002)

HIV/AIDS in Russia
Far in the country's northwest, HIV numbers surge, and concerns rise that Scandinavia may be next
From Journal of American Medical Association (April 24, 2002)

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