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April 17, 2002

Newest Inhibitors Ain't Quite Perfect

Two new types of anti-HIV drugs -- integrase and entry inhibitors -- hope to attack HIV more effectively by blocking the virus where other anti-HIV drugs can't. But getting them to work isn't all that easy, as GMHC Treatment Issues' Bob Huff reports.  

Does Your Representative Support AIDS Funding?

Make sure your U.S. Representative signs an important legislative letter supporting HIV/AIDS funding! The deadline for members of Congress to sign on was extended to Monday, April 22.  

Make the Most of Your Medical Care

Read these helpful tips on how to become more assertive with your doctor and ensure that you get the best care you possibly can, from HIV Treatment ALERTS!  

Do you fit the profile of an unassertive patient? Read The Center for AIDS' sample doctor's-office scenario and find out!  

Hispanic, Gay and Living With HIV

"He wants to feel me. Just me. And then I know that I must face the thing I have avoided all evening.
"'I can't,' I tell him in Spanish. 'It's dangerous.'
"'But I'm negative.'
"'And I want you to stay that way.'"
Nelson Lopez, a Hispanic man with HIV, tells his story -- one of 20 that make up "Breaking the Silence," a look at the lives of Latino/a people living with HIV and AIDS.  

What Causes Bone Problems in the HIV+?

Bone diseases -- especially osteonecrosis, which can feel like extremely severe arthritis -- are becoming increasingly common in HIV-positive people. San Francisco AIDS Foundation tells us more about this crippling complication, also called bone death or avascular necrosis (AVN).

HIV: Addicted to Party Drugs?

HIV loves it when people use cocaine or ecstasy: Studies show that the use of those drugs allows HIV to thrive in the body. HIV Treatment ALERTS! briefs us on the damage drug use can do to your immune system.  

Not Everyone Has a Good HAART

Life on HAART: British editor Michael Carter talks about the clouds inside the silver lining of antiretroviral drugs.

Perinatal Infection = Slower Maturity?

A fascinating study in Italy has found that boys and girls infected with HIV at birth tend to reach puberty later than children who were not HIV-positive. More on this and other items in San Francisco AIDS Foundation's news briefs.

Breast-Feeding and HIV Transmission

Many African infants who are saved from getting HIV in the womb thanks to antiretroviral drugs nevertheless contract the virus through breast-feeding, according to a new report.  

Reminder: CDC to Discuss HIV & Pregnancy

A CDC broadcast on April 25, 2002 will discuss its recently released "Revised Recommendations for HIV Screening of Pregnant Women." Viewers may fax in questions before and during the broadcast.  

How Support Groups Are Born

It didn't take long for Mindy to become sick and tired of flying across the country just to meet up with other HIV-positive heterosexuals. She knew they were out there, and that many probably even lived close to her home in Atlanta. So she took charge of her situation: Meet Mindy, the founder of Hetero Pos Atlanta -- and one of the people we proudly profile in our feature section on women and HIV.  

By the Numbers: The GLBT Population

More than one fifth of young gay or bisexual men in major U.S. cities have never been tested for HIV, according to one study. For a comprehensive run-through of statistics on a wide range of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, check out this huge fact sheet from SIECUS.  

The Devastating Impact of Stigma

Stigma has interfered with effective societal response to AIDS and has imposed hardships on PWAs and those around them. Fear of stigma has deterred individuals from being tested for HIV and from disclosing seropositive status to sexual partners, family and friends. A newly released study in the American Journal of Public Health focuses on this continuing problem.  

Carter and Gates: Global AIDS Warriors

It is a Sunday in March, and the Central African Republic is Jimmy Carter's and Bill Gates Sr.'s fifth stop in as many days as they zigzag across Africa to evangelize about AIDS.

Help the Global AIDS Fund!

Urge Congress to support an emergency contribution to the Global AIDS Fund. So far the U.S. has given barely 10 percent of what the fund needs from our government to successfully combat the disease.

Web Highlights
A Selection of the Top HIV/AIDS Stories From Across the Internet

Comprehensive List of AIDS Walks
Covers more than 60 walks in the U.S. and Canada
From National AIDS Walk Directory

Smuggling HIV Drugs Into Africa
A Bay Area woman helps supply medications to rape victims abroad
From San Francisco Chronicle (April 14, 2002)

No Condoms, Please, We're Chinese Men
Ignorance, superstition and irresponsibility compound China's HIV-prevention problem
From Asia Times (April 11, 2002)

AIDS in South Africa: South African Scientists Deplore Their Government's Meddling
Thabo Mbeki says he's a hands-off kind of guy, but scientists couldn't disagree more
From The Economist (April 4, 2002)

New Drugs: Attacking Chemokine Receptors
A review of current research on the hottest new drugs in the development pipline
From The Hopkins HIV Report (March 2002)

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