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April 16, 2001

New Ask the Expert Forum at The Body

Cure What Ails Your Health Care!
The Body has launched a new expert Q&A forum on benefits, insurance and paying for health care. Steve Berg, a Benefits Counselor at AIDS Project Los Angeles, and Anne Donnelly, Public Policy Director at Project Inform, have joined forces with The Body to help people living with HIV improve their access to quality health care. Whether you are fighting a battle to get or keep private health insurance or to get the most out of government benefits, The Body's new Ask the Expert Forum can help you determine the best plan for getting what you need.

HIV-Positive Men Can Father Negative Children

"Researchers at Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Va., are experimenting with a technique through which HIV-positive men can father children without passing the virus to their wives or babies." Exciting news from the Associated Press.

The Difficulty of Disclosing

Telling the truth: an insider's look at disclosure; Buddy Akin describes his experience, in AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Alternative to Condoms?

Prevention methods based on condom use, monogamy, and abstinence have failed to keep millions of people from becoming infected with HIV and other STDs. Many prevention activists believe that the key to removing barriers to HIV prevention are topical microbicides.

High Anal Cancer Rates for Gay Men

It is generally known that men who have sex with men (MSM) are at increased risk for contracting hepatitis A virus (HAV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV), both of which can be prevented by vaccination. Less widely known is the fact that MSM have high rates of anal cancer, or carcinoma, compared with the general population, and that HIV positive MSM have a substantially greater risk for anal cancer than do HIV negative MSM. Read about this growing concern in San Francisco AIDS Foundation's newsletter.

HIV Prevention Target HIV-Positive Gays

Investigators at the Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) are testing the effectiveness of HIV prevention programs targeting HIV-positive gay and bisexual men. The new study is open to HIV-positive gay or bisexual men over the age of 18 who reside within the New York City metropolitan area. Click here for more information.

Beginning Treatment Table

Take a look at this interesting table recommending initial treatment for established HIV infection, from the HIV Education Prison Project.

HIV and Nutrition

"HIV nutrition specialists can help you do more than just gain or lose weight. They can provide guidance on both HIV-related and medication-related ailments, including appetite loss, bloating/gas, diarrhea, kidney disease, lipodystrophy, and wasting." A report from a forum on the benefits of diet, supplements, and exercise in HIV care by Community Research Initiative on AIDS.

News Roundup

Check out this roundup of HIV/AIDS news briefs, from San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Most pregnant U.S. women lack knowledge about HIV and other health issues. Cervical cancer, new vaccine trials, alternatives to a pap smear, and other news for women, from AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Check out The Body's daily news update from the Centers for Disease Control.

Upcoming NYC Community Education Forums

Check out the schedule of upcoming HIV/AIDS Community Education Forums in New York City.

AIDS Public Policy Priorities

Although a preventable epidemic, AIDS rages more powerfully than ever. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently confirmed that HIV infection rates remain high, deaths continue, and the mirror epidemic of fear and ignorance is as healthy in some ways as it was more than a decade ago. Catherine Hanssens from the Lambda AIDS Project offers a list of public policy priorities for combating this preventable epidemic.

Federal Court Rules Against Discrimination

In a decision that advances science and rationality over fears about HIV, a federal court has ruled that a Pennsylvania county cannot refuse to place foster children in a home simply because a youngster already in the family has AIDS.

Lipodystrophy Update

Lipodystrophy update: the continuing saga, a summary from Project Inform.

Help for Cidofovir

While there are no standard of care guidelines for PML, a recent study suggests that the addition of cidofovir to potent anti-HIV therapy should be considered. Check out the news, from Project Inform.

Managing CMV

Valganciclovir will certainly change the clinical management of CMV therapy. With easier oral administration, adherence to valganciclovir should be better than IV ganciclovir and result in less resistance. Read more on valganciclovir, from Treatment Action Group.

Rejection of Remune

Remune rejected: will a manual recount be required? Find out in the Research Initiative/Treatment Action! newsletter.

Insomnia Common in HIV/AIDS

Insomnia is common in HIV/AIDS. It is both under-diagnosed and under-treated. Dr. Samiuddin reports on his experience treating sleep-related problems in people living with HIV, in the Research Initiative/Treatment Action! newsletter.

AIDS in Poetry

"Unimaginable grief, unexpected joy": Body Positive looks at AIDS in poetry, with a collection of poems from five excellent poets: Alfred Corn, Walter Holland, Rachel Hadas, Dean Kostos, and Gerry Gomez.

Directly Observed HIV Therapy in Prisons

A point and counterpoint discussion of the use of directly observed therapy for HIV treatment in the correctional setting, from the HIV Education Prison Project.

Disability Income and Taxes

Don't neglect disability income when filing your tax return. Read the details in AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Global AIDS and Access to Medications

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, met with six of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies to agree what further steps need to be taken to improve access to better healthcare, HIV medicines and HIV-related medicines for developing countries.

UN Secretary General Speaks

Statement by the UN Secretary-General after meeting the leaders of six leading research-based pharmaceutical companies.

United Nations Special AIDS Session

Can't attend the June 2001 United Nations AIDS Session? Give your input via email; send your comments to: For more information, click here.

Web Highlights
A Selection of Top HIV/AIDS Stories from Across the Internet

Plan Now for the 18th Annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial on May 20, 2001

Impact of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection on Progression to End-Stage Liver Disease in Individuals with Hemophilia and Hepatitis C Virus Infection
From the Journal of Infectious Diseases and AIDS Education Training Centers (April 13, 2001)

Interleukin-2 Improves CD4+ Cell Counts in Patients with Poor Immune Response to HAART
From HIV Treatment Bulletin (April 2001)

Safety and Efficacy of Solid Organ Transplantation in HIV-Positive Patients
From PRN Notebook (March 2001)

HIV Drug Resistance and Drug-Resistance Testing
From PRN Notebook (March 2001)

Mortality, CD4 Cell Count Decline, and Depressive Symptoms Among HIV-Seropositive Women
From the Journal of American Medical Association (March 21, 2001)

Abstinence-Until-Marriage Education
A look at the controversy over abstinence-only-until-marriage education.
From Transitions (March 2001)

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