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What Do You Think?

The 1999 Body Positive Reader Survey

October 1999

Dear Reader,
We need your guidance and assistance. As it says in our organization's Mission Statement, "Body Positive is ... solely devoted to empowering people who are living with and affected by HIV and AIDS." Body Positive magazine is a big part of that effort.

Our aim is to publish information on a wide variety of subjects of importance and interest to the very diverse HIV/AIDS community. Our coverage of health- and treatment-related issues includes the monthly "Simply Medical" column and features on nutrition, adherence, and complementary therapies. We report on legal and political developments, such as New York's new contact tracing and names reporting laws, and bread-and-butter issues such as employment and benefits. We bring our readers information on lifestyle topics -- traveling, for example, or living with pets -- from an HIV point of view. We try to balance our content to meet the needs of the many special communities within the HIV/AIDS community -- people of color, women, people in recovery, incarcerated individuals, the elderly, children. And we print what's happening in the rest of the world, places like Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, where new HIV and prophylactic meds are not available to the people who need them.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic, and the needs of those infected and affected by the virus, have changed a lot over the years and continue to change at a rapid pace. To keep up with those changing needs, and consistent with the Body Positive mission of empowerment, from time to time we ask you, our readers, to help us out.

Please take some time to fill out the questionnaire below. We want to know who you are, what you think of Body Positive, how well it meets your needs, and how we can make it better. Your answers will help us plan future issues. All answers will be kept confidential, and, of course, you have the option of responding anonymously.

We want to hear from as many of you as possible. To that end, we are going to run the questionnaire again next month. Also, if you pass your copy of Body Positive on to anyone else, we ask that you photocopy the questionnaire so that all readers can respond.

As thanks for taking the time to help us, we'd like to send you a gift.* Respondents have the choice of receiving a Body Positive T-shirt (size large, while supplies last), getting a six-month subscription to Body Positive magazine (new or extension), having a personal or other ad run in Body Positive for two months free, or receiving a free copy of Positive Options, Body Positive's handbook for people living with HIV (*Sorry, we can send gifts to the United States and Canada only).

All answers must be received by January 1, 2000. We will analyze the responses and let you know what people who read BP are thinking.

Help us start the new century off right by letting us know what you want to see in your magazine. We look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Engle, Editor

The questions in this section will help us get a picture of your experience with HIV.,
1. What is your current HIV status?
HIV-positive, asymptomatic
HIV-positive, symptomatic
AIDS, asymptomatic
AIDS, symptomatic
HIV-negative (Go to Q3.)
Don't know (Go to Q3.)
2. If you are HIV-positive, in what year did you first test positive for HIV?
 (Go to Q4.)
3. If you are HIV-negative or don't know your status, when were you last tested?
6-12 months ago
1-2 years ago
2-3 years ago
3-4 years ago
4-5 years ago
More than 5 years ago
Never been tested (Go to Q12.)
4. With regard to your physical health, complete the following statement: "I feel fine ...
all the time."
most of the time."
5. How would you rate your physical health now as compared with a year ago?
Much better
A little better
About the same
A little worse
Much worse
6. With regard to your emotional or mental health, complete the following statement: "I feel fine ...
all the time."
most of the time."
7. How would you rate your emotional or mental health now as compared with a year ago?
Much better
A little better
About the same
A little worse
Much worse
8. What medications are you currently taking to treat your HIV? (Check all that apply.)
Nucleoside analogues
Abacavir (1592)
Combivir (AZT + 3TC in one pill)
Epivir (3TC/lamivudine)
Hivid (ddC/zalcitibine)
Retrovir (AZT/zidovudine)
Videx (ddI/didanosine)
Zerit (d4T/stavudine)
Non-nucleoside analogues
Sustiva (elfavirenz)
Viramune (nevirapine)
Rescriptor (delavirdine)
Protease inhibitors
Crixivan (indinavir)
Fortovase/Invirase (saquinavir)
Norvir (ritonavir)
Viracept (nelfinavir)
9. Are you taking any other medications? If so, please list them.

10. Which of the following alternative or complementary (holistic) treatments or therapies are you currently using?
Nutrition supplementation
Herbal therapy
 Other (specify)
11. Do you receive ADAP/ADAP+?
12. Do you have a regular source of healthcare?
No (Go to Q14.)
13. If "Yes," where do you regularly receive your healthcare? (Check all that apply.)
Private doctor
Hospital clinic
Neighborhood clinic
Drug treatment program
Correctional facility
Clinical trial
14. Do you have health insurance?
No (Go to Q16.)
15. If you have insurance, what kind? (Check all that apply.)
Medicare supplement
Other (specify)
16. Where do you get information that helps you make choices as you live with HIV/AIDS? (Check all that apply.)
Healthcare provider
HIV/AIDS service organization(s)
Body Positive magazine
Other HIV/AIDS publication(s)
Support group(s)
Other HIV-positive person(s)
Television/radio/newspapers/general-interest magazines
Research studies
Other (specify)
17. Are you in recovery for alcohol or other drug abuse?
Yes, in a twelve-step program
Yes, in a harm-reduction program
Yes, in another group program
Yes, in private treatment
No, not in recovery
Now we'd like to ask you some questions about your experiences with Body Positive magazine and its content.
18. Where do you usually get your copy of Body Positive?
19a. Does anyone else read your copy of Body Positive?
19b. If yes, how many people?
20. How long have you been reading Body Positive?
Less than a year (Go to Q22.)
1-2 years
More than 2 years
21. We publish twelve issues per year. How many do you usually read?
22. Have you ever investigated or purchased a product or service that you saw advertised in Body Positive?
23a. Which of the following services or special events sponsored by Body Positive and advertised in Body Positive magazine have you used or attended?
Drop-in groups
Enrolled support groups
Workshops & forums
Benefits counseling
Prison Pen Pals Program
Social events
Fundraising events
None (Go to Q24.)
23b. In what year did you start using services or attending special events?
24. Have you ever responded to or placed an item in "Ads & Announcements" (formerly "Classified Ads") in Body Positive?
Yes, responded to an item
Yes, placed an item
25. Have you ever responded to or placed a personal ad in the "Positive Connections" section of Body Positive?
Yes, responded to an ad
Yes, placed an ad
26. What other HIV/AIDS publications do you read?
27. Body Positive has several sections that appear in the magazine regularly. On a scale of 0 to 2, with 2 being "Very Important" and 0 being "Unimportant," how important is each of these sections to you?
Letter from the Executive Director
Letters to the Editor
"You Are Not Alone" -- the Body Positive creed
Power of Example (personal profile)
Personal Perspective (first-person narrative)
Viewpoint (opinion)
Simply Medical (medical information for laypeople)
Money Matters (financial information for laypeople)
Positively Poetic (poems by PWAs)
News & Notes (synopses of items of interest)
Positive Connections (personal ads)
Ads & Announcements
Support group schedule
28. Body Positive publishes articles on a variety of HIV-related topics and general topics from an HIV standpoint. On a scale of 0 to 2, with 2 being "Very Important" and 0 being "Unimportant," how important is each of these topics to you?
Medical treatments and therapies
Complementary and alternative therapies
Mental health
Social services and programs
Insurance, benefits, entitlements, HMOs
Employment and the workplace
Food and nutrition
Gay-/lesbian-/bisexual-/transgender-related topics
Children and families
Financial planning
Law and politics
HIV in the United States
HIV in other countries
Sexuality and intimacy
Recovery/harm reduction
Other (specify)
29. In general, do you find the covers of Body Positive attractive and appealing?
30. In general, do you find the layout and illustration of the various articles attractive and appealing?
31. Physically, do you find Body Positive easy to handle and read?
32. What do you like best about Body Positive magazine?
33. What do you like least about Body Positive magazine?
34. What would you like to see more of in Body Positive magazine?
The questions in this section deal with your experiences with Body Positive, Inc., the organization that publishes Body Positive magazine.
35. Based on your experience, have you recommended or would you recommend Body Positive to someone else?
Yes, have recommended
Yes, would recommend
No, have not recommeded
No, would not recommend
Don't know
36. What do you think are the most important services that Body Positive can provide to the HIV/AIDS community?
37. What is your opinion of the services provided by Body Positive?
The answers to the following questions, if you choose to share the information with us, will help us get to know you, and serve you, better.
38. What is your gender?
Transgender, pre-op
Transgender, post-op
39. Which term best describes your sexual orientation?
40. What is your age?
under 18
65 or over
41. Which term best describes your race or ethnicity? (Check all that apply.)
African-American/Black of African descent
American Indian/Native American
Alaskan Native
Asian/Pacific Islander
Mixed heritage/race
Other (specify)
42. Which of the following best describes your employment status/source of income? (Check all that apply.)
Employed full time outside the home
Employed part time outside the home
Seeking employment
Full disability
Partial disability
Not employed because of HIV, not on disability
Public Assistance
Other (specify)
43. What was your income last year?
under $10,000
$75,000 or over
44. What do or did you do for a living?
45. How many children under the age of 18 do you have?
46. How many people over the age of 18, including yourself, live in your household?
47. With whom do you currently live? (Check all that apply.)
I live alone
Other family member(s)
Nonrelative(s) (e.g., roommate(s);
48. What is the highest level of education that you have completed?
Grade 8 or below
Some high school
High school graduate or GED
Some college, junior college, or technical school
Associate degree
Undergraduate degree
Postgraduate degree
49. Where do you live?
Big city
Small city
Rural area
50a. If you live in the United States, what is your zip code?
50b. If you live elsewhere, in what country do you live?
Is there anything else you would like to say to us?
Click the submit button below to send us your survey responses.

On the following page, you will have the option of giving us your name and address so we can send you the thank-you gift of your choice. You need not give us your name and address. We are glad to have the information you have supplied anonymously.


Back to the October 1999 issue of Body Positive magazine.

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This article was provided by Body Positive. It is a part of the publication Body Positive.