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Annotated Bibliography: Sexuality and Disability

February/March 2001


Persons with physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities have a right to sexuality education, sexual health care, and opportunities for socializing and sexual expression. Family, health care workers, and other caregivers should receive training in understanding and supporting sexual development and behavior, comprehensive sexuality education, and related health care for individuals with disabilities.

The policies and procedures of social agencies and health care delivery systems should ensure that services and benefits are provided to all persons without discrimination because of disability. Individuals with disabilities and their caregivers should have information and education about how to minimize the risk of sexual abuse and exploitation.

This annotated bibliography presents a cross section of available resources on physical and mental disability as well as chronic illness. As you will note, there are not many recent resources. Organizations whose work is related to sexuality and disability are listed at the end of this bibliography. Readers should refer to the SIECUS bibliography Sexuality and Health (1999) for additional titles.

All of the books listed are available for use at the Mary S. Calderone Library. Individuals interested in purchasing any of the resources will find the publication date, price (not including shipping and handling), ISBN (when assigned), and publisher is listed at the end of each annotation. More detailed ordering information is available at the end of the bibliography. SIECUS sells and distributes only its own materials.

This bibliography was compiled by Amy Levine, M.A., SIECUS Librarian and Darlene Torres, Library Assistant.

* These books were included in SIECUS' previous Annotated Bibliography on Sexuality and Disability and are still considered timely and relevant.

** These books were included in SIECUS' previous Annotated Bibliography on Sexuality and Disability but were recently updated.

General Books

An Easy Guide to Loving Carefully for Men and Women, Third Edition
Lyn McKee, Winifred Kempton, and Lynne Stiggall-Muccigrosso
Illustrations by Vivien Cohen
This book for men and women presents information about sexuality in simple language. It addresses anatomy, abstinence, intercourse, contraception, pregnancy, STDs, sexual health problems, visiting the doctor for a sexual health exam, and sexual orientation. A glossary is included.
1997; $18.50; ISBN 0941816400; Winifred Kempton Associates.

The Illustrated Guide to Better Sex for People With Chronic Pain** Second Edition
Robert W. Rothrock, PA-C and Gabriella D'Amore, PA-C
Illustrated by Jonathan Belt
This self-help booklet provides information about frequent problems that interfere with sexual enjoyment for individuals who suffer from chronic pain and suggests simple, basic solutions. It includes six illustrations showing comfortable sexual positions for persons with various pain disorders, and stresses the importance of communication between partners.
1992; $13.95; ISBN 0963260219; R. Rothrock & G. D'Amore.

Let's Talk About Health What Every Woman Should Know: Workbook
Caryl Heaton, D.O., et al.
This workbook for heterosexual women is written in simple, straightforward language. Chapters address healthy habits, people's bodies, sexual health, menstruation, decision making, sexual abuse prevention, contraception, and STDs. It is helpful to supplement this resource with a diagram of the vulva as it only provides a diagram of a woman's internal reproductive anatomy. A video explaining a gynecological exam is included.
1996, $20/workbook; 1994, $22.95/video; The Arc of New Jersey.

Mother-to-Be: A Guide to Pregnancy and Birth for Women With Disabilities*
Judith Rogers and Molleen Matsumura
This book discusses all aspects of pregnancy in the context of disability, from making the decision to have a child to the problems that women with disabilities confront after giving birth. It begins with interviews of thirty-six women who have a range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy, lupus, ataxia, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, and arthritis. Other chapters discuss nutrition, exercise, labor, and delivery. Appendices include dietary plans, a glossary, an extensive index, and lists of important resource organizations and suggested reading materials.
1991; $29.95; ISBN 0939957299; Demos Medical Publishing, Inc.

MS and Intimacy: Managing Specific Issues
Tanya Radford
This booklet is for people with MS and their partners. It addresses the importance of communication between partners. It also discusses sexual problems associated with MS for both men and women. A list of resources is provided.
2000; Free to clients; National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Restricted Access: Lesbians on Disability
Victoria A. Brownworth and Susan Raffo, Editors
This anthology represents the voices of lesbians experiencing a diverse range of disabilities. Essays include "Autoimmune Disease: A Personal Perspective," "Complications: The Deaf Community, Disability and Being a Lesbian Mom -- A Conversation With Myself," "Flirting With You: Some Notes on Isolation and Connection," and "Hidden Disability: A Coming Out Story."
1999; $15.95; ISBN 158005028X; Seal Press.

The Sensuous Heart: Guidelines for Sex After a Heart Attack or Heart Surgery*
Susanne Cambre, R.N., B.S.H.A.
This cartoon-style booklet discusses the emotional and physical needs of people who have had a heart attack or heart surgery. It answers questions about sexual intercourse and discusses the effects of alcohol, prescribed drugs, stimulants, and illegal drugs.
1990; $5.75; ISBN 0939838281; Pritchett & Hull Associates, Inc.

Sex and Back Pain: Advice on Restoring Comfortable Sex Lost to Back Pain**
Lauren Andrew Hebert, PT
A physical therapist describes various types of back pain and sexual positions for maximum comfort. Line drawings and photographs illustrate recommended exercises and sexual positions for people who experience back pain. All individuals in the photographs are clothed. In an accompanying video, a partially clothed man and woman demonstrate the various sexual positions described in the book.
1997, $12.95/book; 1993, $39.95/video (includes 1994 version of Sex and Back Pain Patient Manual); ISBN 1879864029; IMPACC USA.

Sexual Concerns When Illness or Disability Strikes*
Carol L. Sandowski, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.
This book discusses the possible effects of various medical conditions (arthritis, diabetes, spinal cord injury, alcoholism) on sexual functioning, relationships, self-esteem, and communication. The author explores treatments for sexual dysfunction.
1989; $43.95; ISBN 039806413X; Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Ltd.

The Sexual Politics of Disability: Untold Desires
Tom Shakespeare, Dominic Davies, Kath Gillespie-Sells, Editors
Based on first hand accounts, this book examines identity, relationships, sexuality, love, parenting, and abuse and it relates to disability. It demonstrates the barriers to disabled people's sexual rights and sexual expression and the ways in which these obstacles are challenged.
1997; $18.95; ISBN 0304333298X; Continuum International Publishing Group, Inc.

Sexuality After Spinal Cord Injury: Answers to Your Questions
Stanley H. Ducharme and Kathleen M. Gill
This book provides practical, straightforward information and answers to questions about spinal cord injury. Topics include emotions, sexual behavior, sexual health, and parenting.
1997; $24.95; ISBN 1557662657; Brookes Publishing.

Sexuality & Cancer**
American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society publishes two booklets on sexuality and cancer one For the Woman Who Has Cancer, and Her Partner and one For the Man Who Has Cancer, and His Partner. These can be ordered by telephone or can be viewed on their Web site.
1999, Free, For the Woman Who Has Cancer, and Her Partner; 2000, Free, For the Man Who Has Cancer, and His Partner; The American Cancer Society.

Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury*
Sylvia Eichner McDonald, Willa M. Lloyd, Donna Murphy, and Margaret Gretchen Russert
In this book, the authors explore a number of topics regarding sexuality and reproduction before and after spinal cord injury, including the physiology of sexual response and reproductive health. One chapter outlines the steps individuals with spinal cord injuries may take to prepare for sexual activity. Another is devoted to different ways to give hugs from a wheelchair. There is also a general discussion about sexual attitudes, relationships, parenthood, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases. The book concludes with a list of myths about sexuality and spinal cord injury and a resource list.
1993, $14.95; The Spinal Cord Injury Center.

Sexuality, Learning Difficulties and Doing What's Right
Gavin Fairbairn, Denis Rowley, and Maggie Bowen
This book addresses sexuality and people with learning disabilities. It explores the rights that individuals have to be informed about sexuality issues, to form relationships, and to express themselves sexually. Chapters include "Ethics, Learning Disabilities and Sexuality," "Sweet Little Mystery: The Person With Learning Difficulties as a Sexual Being," "Exploitation, Abuse and Assault: The Sexual Misuse of People With Learning Disabilities," and "Being and Becoming: Sex Education, Responsibility, and the Limits of Inclusion."
1995; $26.95; ISBN 1853462926; Taylor & Francis.

Signs of Sexual Behavior: An Introduction to Some Sex-Related Vocabulary in American Sign Language*
James Woodward
This book presents sexuality-related vocabulary in American Sign Language. It offers clear illustrations of more than 130 signs. Comprehensive explanations and notes on derivation are included. A video illustrating the signs is also available.
1979; $9.95/book, $24.95/30 minute video, $29.95/book and video; ISBN 0932666027; T.J. Publishers.

Books for Professionals

Barrier Free: Serving Young Women With Disabilities*
Linda Marks and Harilyn Rousso
This training manual for groups that provide services to teenagers with physical or sensory disabilities examines some important issues that young women with such disabilities face, including career exploration, independent living, and sexuality.
1991; $12; Women's Educational Equity Act Publishing Center.

Choices: A Guide to Sex Counseling With Physically Disabled Adults*
Maureen E. Neistadt, M.S., O.T.R./L. and Maureen Freda, O.T.R./L.
Illustrated by Kerry Anne O'Reilly
Written for rehabilitation professionals who provide sexuality counseling, this book contains guidelines for limited sexuality counseling and examines issues of intimacy and communication, as well as the sexual response cycle. This book discusses functional and sexual difficulties caused by disabilities and the impact of disability on social issues such as privacy, dating, marriage, and childbearing. Reading and resource lists are included.
1987; $9.95; ISBN 0894642014; Krieger Publishing Company.

FACTS: Forensic Assessment of Consent to Sex
Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D., B.C.F.E., C.S.T.
This interviewing instrument to assess consent to sexual relations is used with adults that have cognitive impairments. Some questions view the male as the perpetrator and therefore need to be rephrased using s/he.
1998; $10; Disability, Abuse & Personal Rights Project.

Informed Consent, Sexuality, and People With Developmental Disabilities: Strategies for Professional Decision-Making
Laura K. Griffin, J.D.
This workbook is intended to increase knowledge about sexual consent and decision making for those who work with people with disabilities. Although it focuses on the state of Wisconsin, the topic areas are relevant to all professionals.
1996; $19.95; ISBN 0965653307; ARC Milwaukee.

Providing Comprehensive Sexual Health Care in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation: Continuing Education and Training for Health Care Professionals
Mitchell S. Tepper
This curriculum for health care professionals is intended to provide an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge, comfort, and skills to understand and manage the sexual health care of persons with spinal cord injury (SCI). By the end of this three-day program, participants should be able to recognize sexual concerns, demonstrate the communication skills necessary to provide a supportive environment, conduct sexuality assessment interviews with people who have SCI, relay relevant and unbiased sexual information, and provide specific suggestions about sexual options for people with SCI.
1997; $95; ISBN 0965918505; The Sexual Health Network.

Sexual Function in People With Disability and Chronic Illness: A Health Professional's Guide
Marca L. Sipski and Craig J. Alexander
This book consists of 29 chapters written by over 30 contributors. It addresses general sexual function, specific disabilities and illnesses, and treatment concerns.
1997; $62; ISBN 0834208865; Aspen Publishers Inc.

Sexuality and Chronic Illness: A Comprehensive Approach*
Leslie R. Schover, Ph.D. and Søren Buus Jensen, M.D.
Using an integrative biopsychosocial approach, this volume reviews basic skills needed to comfortably discuss sexuality with chronically ill patients, assess sexual problems through both psychological and medical approaches, and create a systematic treatment plan.
1988; $49.95; ISBN 089862715X; Guilford Publications.

Sexuality and Disabilities A Guide for Human Service Practitioners
Romel W. Mackelprang and Deborah Valentine, Editors
This collection of eight articles is intended to provide a better understanding of issues related to sexuality, intimacy, and disability. Titles include "Mental Retardation and Sexual Expression: An Historical Perspective," "Responding to the Sexual Concerns of Persons With Disabilities," "A Holistic Social Work Approach to Providing Sexuality Education and Counseling for Persons With Severe Disabilities," and "Sexual Assault and People With Disabilities."
1996; $24.95; ISBN 078900092X; The Haworth Press, Inc.

Sexuality Issues for Youth With Disabilities and Chronic Health Conditions
Cecily Shapland
This policy brief of The Institute for Child Health Policy addresses teen pregnancy prevention and risk factors for teen pregnancy as they relate to youth with disabilities. It also discusses strategies to address the needs of youth with disabilities in such programs as sexuality education, community family planning services, community partnerships, and contraceptive needs.
1999; Free online; The Institute For Child Health Policy.

Socialization and Sexuality: A Comprehensive Training Guide for Professionals Helping People With Disabilities That Hinder Learning**
Winifred Kempton
This guide outlines a training program for professionals who work with the developmentally disabled. Chapters include "Understanding the Sexuality of People With Disabilities That Hinder Learning," "Attitudes About Sexuality: Personal Exploration," "Sexuality Counseling," "Sexual Abuse and Informed Consent," "Special Considerations Relating to Living Centers," "Working With Parents and Families," "Sexuality Programs and Evaluations," and "Assessments."
1998; $59; Program Development Associates.

Teaching Persons With Mental Retardation About Sexuality and Relationships: An Instructional Guide*
June Kogut and Susan Vilardo, Authors Jane Bernstein, Editor
This manual offers educators of persons with mental retardation guidance with the development and implementation of sexuality education programs.
1993; $49.95; Planned Parenthood of Connecticut.

For Parents

Abuse of Children and Adults With Disabilities: A Risk Reduction and Intervention Guidebook for Parents and Other Advocates
Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D.
This publication discusses increased vulnerability to abuse, the signs and symptoms of abuse, consequences of abuse, the abusers, how to report suspected abuse, intervention and examples of risk reduction strategies.
1999; $20; Mental Health Consultants.

An Easy Guide for Caring Parents: Sexuality and Socialization: A Book for Parents of People With Mental Handicaps
Lynn McKee and Virginia Blacklidge, M.D.
This book addresses the social needs of children with mental disabilities. It also discusses the role of parents in their children's sexuality education. It includes a comprehensive discussion of sexual development and discusses such topics as growing up, responsible sexual behavior, masturbation, social life, sexual orientation, fertility and birth control, sexual abuse, and marriage.
1986; $8; ISBN 0960689818; Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo.

Sexuality: Your Sons and Daughters With Intellectual Disabilities
Karin Melberg Schwier and Dave Hingsburger, M.Ed.
This book provides information to parents and caregivers on interacting with their children-no matter what their age or ability-in a way that increases their self esteem, encourages appropriate behavior, empowers them to recognize and respond to abuse, and enables them to develop lifelong relationships. Throughout the book, parents share the joys and challenges of raising a child with an intellectual disability as they offer advice and practical strategies. Individuals with disabilities share information about what is important to them.
2000; $24.95; ISBN 1557664285; Brookes Publishing.

Books for Youth

Caution: Do Not Open Until Puberty! An Introduction to Sexuality for Young Adults With Disabilities
Rick Enright, B.A., M.S.W.
Illustrated by Sara L. Van Hamme
This book is intended as an icebreaker for an open discussion of sexuality between disabled adolescents and their families. Using illustrations and clear, informative text, it addresses decision making, anatomy, sexual response, physical disability and sexual functioning, as well as suggestions for further learning.
1995; $9.95; ISBN 0-9680415-0-7; Devinjer House

Changes in You: A Clearly Illustrated, Simply Worded Explanation of the Changes of Puberty for Boys*
Changes in You: A Clearly Illustrated, Simply Worded Explanation of the Changes of Puberty for Girls*
Peggy C. Siegel
Illustrated by Vivien Cohen
Printed for the fourth time in 1997, these books are written in a simple, positive manner. They explain the changes that boys and girls experience during puberty. Topics addressed in each book include physical development, anatomy, masturbation, health, doctor's visits, public and private behaviors, and how to deal with unwanted touch. In addition, the boy's book addresses wet dreams and the girl's book addresses menstruation. Parents' guides are also available for sons and daughters with special needs.
1991, $8.95/each; Family Life Education Associates.

Easy for You to Say: Q & As for Teens Living With Chronic Illness or Disability*
Miriam Kaufman, M.D.
This book provides straightforward answers to questions that teens have relating to chronic illness or disability. Chapters include "Sexuality," "Family Relationships," "Doctors and Medical Issues," "Friends and Dating," "School and Work," "Alcohol, Drugs, and Medication," "Recreation," and "Transitions."
1995; $15.95; ISBN 1550136194; Firefly Books.

Spinabilities: A Young Person's Guide to Spina Bifida
Marlene Lutkenhoff, R.N., M.S.N. and Sonya G. Oppenheimer, M.D. Editors
This book is for teens who have Spina Bifida provides practical tips and suggestions for becoming independent and managing their heath care. It addresses mobility and equipment, skin, bowel, and bladder care, staying healthy and fit, self-esteem and body image, friendships, romantic relationships, sexuality, academic performance, and career skills.
1997; $16.95; ISBN 0933149867; Woodbine House.

Out of Print

The Baby Challenge: A Handbook on Pregnancy for Women With a Physical Disability*
Mukti Jain Campion
This book describes the impact, effect, and outcome of a range of physical disabilities on pregnancy and childbirth, and of pregnancy and childbirth on physical disabilities. It outlines how various disabilities affect fertility, the role of genetics, implications of medication, remission of symptoms, precautions to take during pregnancy and labor, possible interventions during delivery, and what to expect in a postnatal ward. A resource list accompanies each chapter. The book includes a chapter specifically geared for health care professionals.
1990; ISBN 0415048591; Routledge.

Enabling Romance: A Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships for the Disabled*
Ken Kroll and Erica Levy Klein
This is an illustrated guide to intimacy and sexual expression for individuals with physical disabilities. Debunking popular myths and stereotypes, this guide includes chapters on living and loving with specific disabilities, sexual variations and alternatives, safer sex and family planning, building self-esteem, and dealing with attendants. It also lists referrals and suggested readings.
1995; ISBN 0933149786; Woodbine House.

Positive Approaches: A Sexuality Guide for Teaching Developmentally Disabled Persons
Lisa Maurer
This guide provides a format for teachers, parents, and caregivers to help individuals with develojental disabilities learn the skills they need to understand and safely and appropriately express their individual sexuality. The guide couples background information with a variety of exercises, fact sheets, and programs relating to anatomy, physiology, contraception, relationships, pregnancy, and parenthood.
1991; Planned Parenthood of Delaware.

Reproductive Issues for Persons With Physical Disabilities*
Florence P. Haseltine, Ph.D., M.D., Sandra S. Cole, Ph.D., and David B. Gray, Ph.D., Editors
This resource features contributions from both consumers with disabilities and health professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Chapters focus on dispelling myths about sexuality and disability and exploring sexual issues that challenge people with disabilities. Topics include basic information about congenital and acquired physical disabilities, reproductive rights and opportunities, sexual dysfunctions, sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive physiology, sexual development, health care needs, fertility, birth control, adoptions, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenthood. Personal stories of people with disabilities appear throughout the book, and various clinical and policy issues are discussed.
1993; ISBN 1557661111; Paul H. Brookes Publishing.

The Sensuous Wheeler, Sexual Adjustment for the Spinal Cord Injured*
Barry J. Rabin, Ph.D.
This sexuality guide for men and women with spinal cord injuries covers sexual response, adjustment, and functioning. It also outlines ideas for attracting a partner, preparing for sexual activity, sexual positions, and nondemand pleasure techniques.
1980; ISBN 0960396802; Multi Media Resource Center.

Sexuality and People With Intellectual Disability* Second Edition
Lydia Fegan, M.A., Anne Rauch, B.A. and Wendy McCarthy
This book candidly discusses sexuality and the attitudes of both individuals with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers. Sample dialogues and case situations, discussion of sexual rights for people with intellectual disabilities, and policy guidelines for organizations are also included.
1993; ISBN 1557661405; Paul H. Brookes.

Taking Charge: Teenagers Talk About Life and Physical Disabilities
This book for teen provides information on the challenges they may face growing up with a disability. Topics include communication, independence, relationships, dating, sexuality, and family life. An appendix is included.
1992; ISBN 0933149468; Woodbine House, Inc.

Violence and Abuse in the Lives of People With Disabilities: The End of Silent Acceptance?*
Dick Sobsey, R.N., Ed.D.
This guide to understanding and preventing abuse includes accounts of abuse from the perspectives of both victims and offenders, a conceptual framework for understanding the nature of abuse and why it occurs, and practical strategies for abuse detection and prevention. Part 1 is devoted to understanding abuse and includes a section on sexual abuse and assault. Part 2 focuses on abuse prevention and discusses the importance of sexuality education-as well as sexual abuse prevention programs-in the prevention of sexual abuse. An annotated list of individuals and organizations is included.
1994; ISBN 1557661480; Paul H. Brookes.


Being Sexual: An Illustrated Series on Sexuality and Relationships*
Dave Hingsburger and Susan Ludwig
Illustrated by James F. Whittingham
This clearly written and richly illustrated sixteen-book series presents important information about sexuality and relationships for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities or problems with literacy, learning, or communication. The books address the personal feelings, individual rights, and social expectations associated with a variety of sexuality-related topics. Key concepts and definitions on each page are translated into Blissymbols (a visual language used in the disability community), with new symbols highlighted.
1993, Temporarily Out of Print; Sex Information & Education Council of Canada.

Changes in You: An Introduction to Sexuality Education Through an Understanding of Puberty*
Peggy C. Siegel, M.S.
Illustrated by Vivien Cohen
This family life education program for young people with cognitive disabilities is intended to help students in grades 4-9 develop strong, positive feelings about themselves as they make the transition into puberty. The complete program includes 73 laminated illustrations, Changes in You book for Boys, Changes in You book for Girls, and a teacher's guide.
1991; $299; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

Child Sexual Abuse Curriculum for the Developmentally Disabled
Sol R. Rappaport, Ph.D., Sandra A. Burkhardt, Ph.D., and Anthony F. Rotatori, Ph.D.
This curriculum is divided into five parts: "Understanding Child Sexual Abuse of the Developmentally Disabled," "The Treatment of Sexually Abused Children," "Sexual Abuse: The Emotional and Behavioral Sequelae," "Factors That Mediate the Sequelae of Child Sexual Abuse," and "The Rappaport Curriculum for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in Children With Developmental Disabilities." The last chapter includes 10 lessons on sexuality and sexual abuse prevention for children who are in the mild range of mental retardation. An appendix is included, which parents and caregivers can review with children.
1997; $34.95; ISBN 0398067341; Charles C. Thomas Publishers, Ltd.

CIRCLES I: Intimacy & Relationships*
Marklyn P. Champagne, R.N., M.S.W., and Leslie Walker-Hirsch, M. Ed.
This curriculum is for people with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. It consists of two parts. Part I: Social Distance is comprised of eleven videos designed to help students "see" social and sexual distance. It also explains relationship boundaries and relationship specific behaviors. Part II: Relationship Building is comprised of six videos that demonstrate how intimacy levels change as relationships change. The program also includes 12 videos, a wall teaching graph, 50 large laminated graph icons, 50 student "personal" graphs and icons, and a teacher's guide.
1993; $599; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

CIRCLES II: Stop Abuse*
Marklyn P. Champagne, R.N., B.S., and Leslie Walker-Hirsch, M.Ed.
This curriculum is for people with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. It teaches students how to avoid exploitative situations. Part I, titled "Recognizing and Reacting to Sexual Exploitation," encourages student assertiveness and teaches students how to recognize and react to sexual exploitation. Part II, titled "Learning Appropriate Protective Behaviors," discusses the potential for sexual abuse from acquaintances and strangers, and teaches students how to deal with unwanted advances. Three videos, a wall teaching graph, and a teacher's guide are included.
1986; $399; The James Stanfield Publishing Co.

Leslie Walker-Hirsch and Marklyn Champagne
This curriculum is for people with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Part I, titled "Communicable Diseases and Casual Contact," illustrates casual contact and the steps that can be taken to less the chances of becoming infected with a communicable disease. Part II "STDs, AIDS and Intimate Contact," explains the difference between casual and intimate contact. It promotes positive decision-making and addresses abstinence as the best way to avoid STDs and AIDS. Six videos, supplemental materials, and a teacher's guide are included.
1988; $399; The James Stanfield Publishing Co.

The Family Education Program*
Katherine Simpson, M.F.C.C., Editor
This manual includes complete curricula for teaching sexuality, self-esteem, and abuse prevention to students with developmental and learning disabilities. Areas covered include working with schools, setting up educational plans, working with parents, and dealing with teachers' concerns. The manual contains training outlines and resources, a complete section on audiovisual instruction, reproducible teaching graphics, and pretest and posttest evaluations.
1990; $30; Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo.

The GYN Exam Handbook: An Illustrated Guide to the Gynecological Examination for Women With Special Needs*
Maria Olivia Taylor, M.S.N., R.N.C., C.N.S.
This curriculum for females with mild to moderate developmental disabilities takes participants through the process of a routine gynecologic examination. Providing the opportunity to understand the procedure with comfort and confidence, it eases anxiety. It also encourage participants to be responsible for their own sexual health needs. Two videos, a handbook, and teacher's guide are included.
1991; $299; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

Janet's Got Her Period*
Judi Gray and Jitka Jilich
This curriculum is for girls and young women with severe developmental disabilities. Consisting of a video and an illustrated storybook with full-color photographs, it tells the story of a young girl who learns menstrual self-care from her mother and sister. A teacher's guide is also included.
1990; $399; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

LIFEFACTS: Essential Information About Life for Persons With Special Needs*
James Stanfield Company
Of the seven programs available, three address sexuality: AIDS, Sexuality, and Sexual Abuse Prevention. They are designed to provide health education professionals with essential materials and information to teach adolescents and adults with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Life Facts: Sexuality is currently being revised and should be available later this year.
1990, AIDS; 1992, Sexuality; 1990, Sexual Abuse Prevention; $199/each; $174 each/any two programs, $165.67 each/any three programs; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

Life Horizons I*: The Physiological and Emotional Aspects of Being Male & Female
Life Horizons II*: The Moral, Social and Legal Aspects of Sexuality
Winifred Kempton, M.S.W.
These two curricula are for people with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Life Horizons I consists of five programs: "Parts of the Body," "Sexual Life Cycle," "Human Reproduction," "Birth Control or Regulation of Fertility," and "Sexually Transmitted Diseases & AIDS." It includes over 500 slides, a teacher's guide and script, and video. Life Horizons II consists of seven programs: "Building Self-Esteem & Establishing Relationships," "Moral, Legal & Social Aspects of Sexual Behavior-Male," "Dating Skills & Learning to Love," "Marriage & Other Adult Lifestyles," "Parenting," "Preventing or Coping With Sexual Abuse." It includes over 600 slides, and a teacher's guide and script.
1999; $399 each, $699 for both; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

Elisabeth J. Krents, Ph.D., and Shella A. Brenner, M.A.
This curriculum that teaches child protection is designed for children ages 3-7. The basic concepts include: who are family, friends, familiar people and strangers; what is "ok" touch and "not ok" touch; what are private parts; and who and how to tell about an abusive incident. The curriculum includes 76 laminated illustrations, male and female anatomically correct dolls, and a teacher's guide.
1991; $299/without dolls, $399/with dolls; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

Positive Partnerships: A Sexuality Education Curriculum for Persons With Serious Mental Illness
Patti Caldwell and Sally Reynolds
This curriculum is designed to provide sexuality education to people with serious mental illness in one-on-one or group settings. It addresses sexuality, relationships, sexual orientation, anatomy, sexual response and expression, conception, contraception, pregnancy options, STDs, HIV/AIDS, social skills, dating and sexual abuse. Educators should read through this curriculum and update information.
1994; $19.95; Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona.

Preventing Sexual Abuse: Activities and Strategies for Those Working With Children and Adolescents Second Edition
Carol A. Plummer
This sexual abuse-prevention curriculum is divided into two sections. The first is a three- or five-day presentation for grades K through six, which is also adaptable for the developmentally disabled. The second is a one-, three-, or five-day presentation for grades seven through 12. The curriculum also provides information about involving parents and making the program work. Also included are guidelines for instructors and an appendix.
1997; $23.95; ISBN 1556911149; Learning Publications, Inc.

Sexuality Education for Persons With Severe Developmental Disabilities Revised Edition
Beverly Brekke, Ed.D.
This curriculum is for people with severe mental disabilities. It includes seven slide presentations and a teacher's guide addressing anatomy, appropriate social behavior, menstruation, and medical examinations. This curriculum can be used as a supplement to Life Horizons I and II.
1988; $399; James Stanfield Publishing Co.

Signs for Sexuality: A Resource Manual for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals, Their Families, and Professionals Second Edition*
Marlyn Minkin and Laurie Rosen-Ritt
This curriculum contains information on sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and reproductive health, with more than 600 photographs to illustrate 250 vocabulary terms associated with sexuality. Appendices include contraception information and anatomical drawings.
1991, $24.95; Bookstore, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, 2211 East Madison, Seattle, WA 98122; Phone: 206/328-7715; Web site:

Social Skills & Sex Education "Sex Education and Self Care for the Forgotten Adult"
Mark and Syl Steege
This teaching tool is used to educate developmentally delayed adults. Presented in two parts, the first section discusses anatomy and sexual functioning, the second addresses appropriate and inappropriate touch. It includes two audio cassettes and picture books to be used while following along with the instruction manual.
1998; $99; Program Development Associates.

Special Education: Secondary F.L.A.S.H. (Family Life and Sexual Health): A Curriculum for Grades 7-12*
Jane Stangle, M.Ed.
This comprehensive program is designed for adolescents in special education programs. It addresses the physical, emotional, and safety aspects of sexuality education; encourages parent and family involvement; and includes a section on preparing community-based sexuality education programs. Lesson plans cover relationships, communication, avoiding exploitation, anatomy, reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases, and AIDS. The curriculum includes resource lists, guidelines for answering students' questions, recommended audiovisuals, teacher preparation suggestions, and masters for all transparencies and student handouts.
1991; $40; Family Planning Publications.

Talking Sex! Practical Approaches and Strategies for Working With People Who Have Developmental Disabilities When the Topic Is Sex
Lisa T. Maurer, M.S., CFLE
This curriculum for professionals consists of information, activities, and overheads that provide strategies toward making sexuality education more accessible to people with developmental disabilities.
1999; $40; Planned Parenthood of Tompkins County.


All of Us: Talking Together Sex Education for People With Developmental Disabilities
Program Development Associates
This video is intended for developmentally disabled adolescents and young adults, parents, and health care professionals who work with the developmentally disabled. It presents young people's views on sexuality and parental concerns. It also addresses talking with children about sexuality issues, sexual abuse, HIV, and discussions between young people and health care providers about anatomy, contraception, and STDs.
1999; $195; Program Development Associates.

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The American Cancer Society
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ARC Milwaukee
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The Arc of New Jersey
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Aspen Publishers Inc.
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Disability, Abuse & Personal Rights Project
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Family Life Education Associates
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Family Planning Publications
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The Institute for Child Health Policy
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Mental Health Consultants
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National Multiple Sclerosis Society
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Planned Parenthood of Connecticut
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Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo
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Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona
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Program Development Associates
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R. Rothrock & G. D'Amore
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Seal Press
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Sex Information & Education Council of Canada
850 Coxwell Avenue
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Canada M4C 5R1
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The Sexual Health Network, Inc.
3 Mayflower Lane
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The Spinal Cord Injury Center
Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital
9200 West Wisconsin Avenue
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Taylor & Francis
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Woodbine House
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Women's Educational Equity Act Publishing Center
P. O. Box 1020
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American Cancer Society (ACS)
This national organization acknowledges sexuality as an important part of everyday life. They provide information on sexuality and cancer for individuals and their families, through their 24 hour hotline and resource center.
National Headquarters
1599 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: 800/227-2345; 404/320-3333
Web site:

The Arc: A National Organization on Mental Retardation
This organization affirms that individuals with mental retardation have sexual feelings, needs and identities, and believes that sexuality should always be seen in the total context of human relationships. The Arc also provides referrals for those who have been sexually abused.
1010 Wayne Ave., Suite 650
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301/565-3842
Fax: 301/565-5342
Web site:

The British Columbia Coalition of People With Disabilities
AIDS & Disability Action Project (ADAP)
This international organization works to facilitate full participation of people with disabilities in society and promotes independence. ADAP helps people with disabilities realize that they may be at risk and the steps they can take to prevent HIV infection through educational and workshop materials appropriate for people with various disabilities.
204-456 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V5Y 1R3
Phone: 604-875-0188
Fax: 604-875-9227
Web site:

Center for Policy and Partnerships Institute for Child Health Policy of Florida at Gainesville
34th Street, S.W., Suite 323
Gainsville, FL 32608-5367
Phone: 888/433-1851
Fax: 352/392-8822

The Committee on Sexuality
This organization supports the rights of people with developmental disabilities through education, counseling and advocacy.
5 Second Ave.
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Web site:

The Family Village Web Site
This Web site provides information to families and professionals on sexuality and disability. Their web sites links to organizations, communities, recreational sites and other resources for people with disabilities.
Waisman Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1500 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705-2280
Phone: 608/263-5973
Fax: 608/263-0529
Web site:

National AIDS Hotline for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired People
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National AIDS Hotline TTY Staff are trained to answer questions and provide referrals about HIV, AIDS, and STDs from Deaf people and other TTY users. Calls are answered in American Sign Language (ASL), English and Spanish.
TDD and TTY 800/243-7889

The National Information Center for Children and Youth With Disabilities
This organization is an information and referral center dedicated to providing information on disability related issues for professionals, families, and educators. The news digest, Sexuality Education for Children and Youth with Disabilities, 1992 is available on their web site. It addresses concerns that parents and professionals face in informing and guiding children and young adults with disabilities in their social-sexual development.
PO Box 1492
Washington, DC 20013-1492
Phone: 202/884-8200
Voice and TTY 800/695-0285
Fax: 202/884-8444
Web site:

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society
This organization is dedicated to providing up to date information to individuals with multiple sclerosis, their families and health care providers. Two brochures that relate to sexuality are "Do Sex Hormones Have a Role in MS?" and "Sexual Problems Your Doctor Didn't Mention." They also have a bibliography on sexual dysfunction.
Contact the MS Society near you by calling
Phone: 800/344-4867
Web site:

The National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC)
This center is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. NWHIC provides access to a vast array of Federal and other women's health information resources. Their site enables you to link, read, and download a wide variety of women's health-related material on sexuality and disability.
8550 Arlington Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 800/994-WOMAN
TDD: 888/220-5546
Fax: 703/560-6598
Web site:

Parents Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER)
The Pacer Center is a parent training and information center for families of children and youth with disabilities. The Center has a library of resources available for families addressing sexuality and reproductive health. Among their assortment of resources, they have a sexuality curriculum and accompanying video, "I'm a Beautiful Person, Sexuality and Me." These products are for parents who are beginning to explore how to address sexuality issues with their children.
8161 Normandale Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55437-1044
Phone: 952/838-9000
Fax: 952/838-0199
Web site:

Planned Parenthood Federation of American
This organization as well as the local affiliates have resources that address sexuality and reproductive health needs of individuals with disabilities.
810 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212/541-7800; 800/829-7732
Fax: 212/245-1845
Web site:

L'Institut Roeher
This Canadian organization promotes the equality, participation and self-determination of people with intellectual and other disabilities. They provide public policy analysis, publications, exchanging and gathering of information, training, education, and leadership development.
Kinsmen Building
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON
Canada M3J 1P3
Phone: 800/856-2207; 416/661-9611
Fax: 416/661-5701
TYY: 416/661-2023
Web site:

Safe Place
This local organization exists to provide intervention, prevention, education and advocacy to individuals with disabilities. One service that they provide, The Safe Place Disability Services ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) is a program that focuses primarily on individuals with disabilities. It offer a resource lending library featuring books, curriculum, videos, audiotapes, anatomically correct dolls, models, games, journals, and other materials relating to abuse, violence prevention, and sexuality education.
P. O. Box 19454
Austin, Texas 78760
Phone: 512/356-1599
TTY: 512/482-0691
Fax: 512/385-0662
Web site:

San Francisco Sex Information Switchboard
This organization believes that accurate information enables each person to make responsible choices in their life. Their services include a hotline, online Q &A, and community outreach.
P.O. Box 881254
San Francisco, CA 94188-1254
Phone: 415/989-7374; 877/472-7374
Web site:

Sexuality and Developmental Disability Network
Sex Information & Information Council of Canada (SIECCAN)
SIECCAN is a national non-profit educational organization dedicated to informing and educating the public and professionals about all aspects of human sexuality.
850 Coxwell Avenue
East York, Ontario
Canada M4C 5RI
Phone: 416/466-5304
Fax: 416-778-0785
Web site:

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)
SIECUS affirms that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living. SIECUS develops, collects, and disseminates information, promotes comprehensive education about sexuality, and advocates the right of individuals to make responsible sexual choices.
130 West 42nd Street, Suite 350
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212/819-9770
Fax: 212/819-9776
Web site:

Special Interest Group on Social and Sexual Concerns
American Association on Mental Retardation
This special interest group on social and sexual concerns focuses on the socialization and sexuality of people with mental retardation.
444 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 846
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 800/424-3688; 914/245-3384
Web site:

Sexual and Relationship Facilitation Project (SARFP)
SARFP is a listserv where participants can discuss the development of sexuality and relationships. It aims to raise self-esteem and body image while enhancing interpersonal skills.
Web site:

Sexual Health Network
The Sexual Health Network is committed to providing easy access to sexuality information, education, counseling, therapy, healthcare, and other resources for people with disabilities.
Web site:

Sexuality and Disability Training Center
This training center provides counseling, outreach, and workshops that primarily deals with sexuality and disability.
Boston Medical Center
Dr. Stan Ducharme
88 East Newton Street
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617/638-7358
Fax: 617/638-8170
Web site:

Spinal Cord Injury Center
Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital
This center specializes in the rehabilitation of those who have spinal cord injury. There resources include a bibliography and the publication Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury.
9200 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53226
Phone: 414/805-3658
Fax: 414/259-7927
Web site:

Xandria Collection
This company sells adult sensual enhancement products and offers a catalog of products for disabled people.
The Xandria Collection
P.O. Box 319005
San Francisco, CA 94131-9988
Phone: 800/242-2823 or 415/468-3812
Fax: 415/468-3912
Web site:

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This article was provided by Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. It is a part of the publication SIECUS Report.