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HIV Pipeline: Chart on Drugs in Development

Source: Ben Cheng, Project Inform4

Summer 2002

CompoundClass of CompoundPhase of DevelopmentPharmaceutical Company
ACH-126,443 (L-Fd4C)nucleoside analog RT inhibitorPhase 1Achilleon
ADAzinc fingerPhase 1-2Hubriphar
AMD-34653CXCR4 antagonistPreclinicalAnorMed
AMD-84453entry inhibitorPreclinicalAnorMed
Atazanavir (BMS-232623)protease inhibitorPhase 2-31Bristol-Myers Squibb
BCH-10618 (DOTC)nucleoside analog RT inhibitorPreclinicalShire Biochem
BEA-0053nucleoside analog RT inhibitorPreclinicalMedivir
Beta-D-Fd4C3nucleoside analog RT inhibitorPreclinicalVion
Beta-L-Fd4C3nucleoside analog RT inhibitorPreclinicalVion
BMS-806entry inhibitorPhase 1Bristol-Myers Squibb
Calanolide Anon-nucleoside RT inhibitorPhase 2Sarawak Medichem
Capravirinenon-nucleoside RT inhibitorPhase 2Pfizer/Agouron
DAPDnucleoside analog RT inhibitorPhase 1-2Triangle Pharmaceuticals
DEHSPMinhibits hypusin/eIF-5APhase 1SunPharm
DPC 083non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPhase 1-2DuPont Pharmaceuticals2
DPC 681protease inhibitorPreclinicalDupont Pharmaceuticals2
DPC 684protease inhibitorPreclinicalDupont Pharmaceuticals2
DPC 961non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPhase 1DuPont Pharmaceuticals2
Emivirine (MKC-442)non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPhase 3Triangle Pharmaceuticals
Emtricitabine (FTC)nucleoside analog RT inhibitorPhase 3Triangle Pharmaceuticals
HI-2363non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPreclinicalWayne Hughes Institute
Hu5A83binding inhibitorPreclinicalTanox
Hydroxyureainhibits cellular factorsPhase 2-3Bristol-Myers Squibb
L-870,810integrase inhibitorPhase 1Merck & Co.
LB-713503protease inhibitorPreclinicalLG Chemical
Mycophenlateinhibits cellular factorsPhase 1-2Hoffman-La Roche
Peldesineinhibits cellular factorsPhase 1Biocryst
Pentfuside (T-20)fusion inhibitorPhase 31Trimeris/Roche
Phosphazid3nucleoside analog RT inhibitorPreclinicalViscount
PNU142721non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPreclinicalPharmacia
PRO 140CCR5 antagonistPreclinicalProgenics
PRO 367entry inhibitorPhase 1Progenics
PRO 542attachment inhibitorPhase 1-2Progenics
RD4-22173non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPreclinicalTosoh
Resveratrolinhibits cellular factorsPhase 1Pharmascience
S-1360integrase inhibitorPhase 1-2Shionogi Pharmaceuticals
SCH CCCR5 antagonistPhase 1Schering Plough
SCH DCCR5 antagonistPreclinicalSchering Plough
SJ-33663non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPreclinicalSamjin
T-1249fusion inhibitorPhase 1Trimeris/Roche
TAK 449CCR5 antagonistPreclinicalTakeda
Tipranavirprotease inhibitorPhase 1-2Boehringer Ingelheim
TMC 125non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPhase 2Tibotec Virco
TMC 120non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPhase 2Tibotec Virco
TMC 126protease inhibitorPhase 1Tibotec Virco
UC-7813non-nucleoside RT inhibitorPreclinicalUniroyal
UK-427,857CCR5 antagonistPreclinicalPfizer
VX-175/GW433908 (amprenavir prodrug)protease inhibitorPhase 2-3Vertex/GlaxoSmithKline

Note: RT stands for Reverse Transcriptase

  1. Available in expanded access

  2. Dupont Pharmaceuticals sold its anti-HIV drug Sustiva and its HIV research pipeline to Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2001

  3. No information available

  4. Ben Cheng is now the Project Manager at the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research in Washington, DC (

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