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The KS Project Report
Table of Contents, July 25, 1994

By Michael Marco and Martin Majchrowicz

This report is dedicated to
Andrew Zysman, M.D.


  1. About the Authors and Acknowledgements

  2. Introductory Quotes

  3. Foreword by Susan E. Krown, M.D.

  4. Introduction

  5. Executive Summary and Recommendations

  6. Epidemiology

  7. Etiology and Pathogenesis

  8. Histologic and Clinical Features

  9. Staging and Response

  10. Standard of Care Treatments

  11. Experimental Treatments for Kaposi's Sarcoma

  12. Current Opinions in KS From Physicians, Clinicians and Researchers

  13. The Tsuris and Mishigos of AIDS Malignancy Research

  14. Policy Recommendations

  15. Footnotes

  16. References


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