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Introductory Quotes

By Michael Marco and Martin Majchrowicz

July 25, 1994

"The numbers continue to climb, but final statistics are unimportant, especially to those who are unfortunate enough to have developed the disease. The important fact is that this cancer poses a very real and potentially lethal threat to segments of the gay culture. It is a menace that must be dealt with logically and quickly if we are to overcome it, and knowledge of the disease, its causes and effects, is our best weapon."
-- Douglas Mayfair
"Gay Cancer," Mandate, December 1981
"Those ID docs lived their lives with 'find a bug, find a pill' mentality. They have never worked in a field such as cancer or leukemia where advances and successes are slow in coming and sometimes don't come at all. They look down on oncologists because we don't have a myriad of great success stories. But, now they are baffled because HIV has finally stumped them. Things are no longer so easy. There is no quick fix."
-- Anonymous NCI oncologist, 1994
"The [mere] observation of patients with progressive KS in the setting of HIV infection is no longer acceptable."
-- Steven A. Miles, M.D.
Kaposi's Sarcoma (in press), 1994

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