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About the Authors and Acknowledgements

By Michael Marco and Martin Majchrowicz

July 25, 1994

Michael Marco works as a consultant for the Treatment Action Group (TAG) and heads its Oncology Project. An art historian and a member of the AIDS activist affinity group The Marys, Michael sits on the ACTG Oncology Committee's KS and Lymphoma Working Group, the NCI's ECOG AIDS Committee, and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center-New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center ACTU Community Advisory Board (CAB).

Marty Majchrowicz works for AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and writes for Positive Living and Being Alive Newsletter. He co-chairs the UCLA Community Advisory Board (CAB). Born and raised in Chicago, Marty currently resides in Los Angeles, where he received his BS in Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California (USC), and his Masters in Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He wrote the sections in this report on Epidemiology, Etiology and Pathogenesis.

The Treatment Action Group (TAG) fights to find a cure for AIDS and to ensure that all people living with HIV receive the necessary treatment, care, and information they need to save their lives. TAG focuses on the AIDS research effort, both public and private, the drug development process, and our nation's health care delivery systems. We meet with researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and government officials, and resort when necessary to acts of civil disobedience, or to acts of Congress. We strive to develop the scientific and political expertise needed to transform policy. TAG is committed to working for and with all communities affected by HIV.

Acknowledgements: First, thanks to go out to the members of TAG, especially Lynda Dee, Gregg Gonsalves, Barbara Hughes, Derek Link and Peter Staley, who not only supported and encouraged this project from the beginning, but also worked on advising and editing the writing of this report; and to colleagues at APLA, including Ruben Gamundi, Glenn Gaylord, Peter George, Doug Johnstone and Judie Klapholz. We also thank our medical advisor, Steve Miles, for his many hours of assistance and insights on research and treatment issues. Alvin Friedman-Kien, Robert Gallo, Parkash Gill, Lawrence Kaplan, Judy Karp, Alexandra Levine, Ronald Mitsuyasu, James Pluda, Jamie von Roenn, and Robert Yarchoan all offered helpful suggestions and answered many questions for the analysis in this report. We must thank the many others who also allowed us to interview them and or answered questions regarding their past and present work, including: Donald Abrams, Jan Agosti, Timothy Berger, Zale Bernstein, William Blattner, Samuel Broder, Ken Cremer, Bruce Dezube, Barbara Ensoli, Ellen Feigal, Giorgio Galetto, Michael Giordano, David Ho, James Kahn, Craig Keays, Jeanne Ketley, Joseph Kovacs, Frank Lucatorto, Richard Mamelok, Annemarie Moseley, Lourdes Nisce, Donald Northfelt, Josephine Paredes, Marcel Pons, Charles Rabkin, Lee Ratner, Robert Robles, Michelle Roland, Michael Ross, Joseph Sonnabend, Patrick Swift, George Tidmarsh, Thomas Wang, James Werntz, Robert Walker, Margo Whitfeld, and Roy Wu. Lastly, deepest thanks and appreciation goes out to our medical advisor, Susan Krown, and TAG's Mark Harrington for their educational insight, editing and domineering thoroughness.

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