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Putting It Together
As Scale Up to Rx for 3M by 2005 Proceeds, Activist Groups Worldwide Begin to Lay Groundwork

By Mark Harrington

September 2002

Educating Patients, Providers

At the Barcelona AIDS conference this summer, TAG co-sponsored the first meeting of a new global coalition focusing on treatment preparedness. As the global health and economics bodies of the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the United Nations pursue the scale-up for HIV/AIDS treatment and care in developing countries, the importance of community involvement in treatment preparedness is viewed as an essential requirement for the program's success. From the very first AIDS organization in Belarus to more seasoned activist groups in Uganda, India and Mexico, participants in the global strategy session exchanged news of challenges and successes from their respective communities. Mark Harrington prepared this bulleted summary of the meeting for TAGline.

A group of over 30 AIDS treatment advocates and community representatives gathered in Barcelona, Spain, on the evening of Wednesday, 10 July 2002, to discuss the need to educate communities about HIV/AIDS treatment and to mobilize communities around demands for greater treatment access. Participants were invited based on their history of, experience with, and interest in conducting HIV/AIDS treatment preparedness work on the international, regional, national, and local levels. Countries represented included Belarus, Chile, Mexico, India, Russia, Thailand, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Additional invited representatives from countries including Brazil, Burundi, Morocco, South Africa, and elsewhere indicated interest in participating but were not able to attend, either because of competing obligations at the XIV International AIDS Conference or for logistical reasons.

Gregg Gonsalves of Gay Men's Health Crisis (New York City) and Mark Harrington of the Treatment Action Group (New York City) introduced the meeting and stated that they had had preliminary discussions with UNAIDS, WHO, and the World Bank, about the importance of community involvement in treatment preparedness as part of the scale-up of HIV/AIDS care being proposed for developing countries. Participants then introduced themselves and briefly discussed what they and their organizations were doing.

Treatment Preparedness Activities in Developing Countries

Treatment Preparedness Activities in Developed Countries

Next Steps and Action Items

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