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CRIA Update
Table of Contents, Spring 2000

About This Issue

HIV Research 2000: Unanswered Questions

The Spring issue of CRIA Update focuses on some of the hot topics in HIV research that were covered at the 7th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections which took place in San Francisco this past February.

The purpose of our agency's newsletter is to educate and inform. We are certainly not adverse to controversial topics when they provoke wider discussion. For some of our readers this issue of important health care topics will be controversial. In fact, only after much heated discussion could our editorial staff reach consensus on this issue.

The fact is that new discoveries in many fields of medical research often raise more questions than they answer and lead to varied interpretations of the information. Often, things that at first glance seem to be clear turn out to be far more complicated. HIV is no exception. For example, as the lifesaving promise of antiretroviral therapy begins to take a backseat to some disturbing metabolic side effects, drug holidays, once regarded as a taboo topic, have become the subject of much interest.

We start the issue with a discussion of this most controversial topic: structured treatment interruptions, or drug holidays, by regular contributor Tim Horn. Next, Anne Monroe provides an update on the utility of resistance testing in making treatment decisions. CRIA's own James Learned presents a comprehensive look at the emerging metabolic complications associated with HIV disease and antiretroviral treatment. Last but not least, Richard Jeffreys covers an exciting new area of research on the human thymus and its role in HIV disease.

In response to readers' requests, this issue contains the first installation of a regular new section entitled "New Drugs in Development." This section will focus on drugs in clinical development, review their performance so far, and what we might expect from them in the future. As usual, we hope you will find this issue interesting and informative, remembering that sound health care decisions are always made in consultation with your medical provider.

J Daniel Stricker, Editor in Chief


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Wednesday, May 17
Opportunistic Infections & Cancers in HIV/AIDS

Wednesday, June 14
Starting/Stopping & Switching Antiretroviral Therapies

Wednesday, July 19
Diet & Exercise and HIV/AIDS

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