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ACRIA Update
Table of Contents, Winter 2001/2002

About This Issue

Harnessing the Immune System

This issue of ACRIA Update focuses on the immune system and immune-based therapies. AIDS research has provided us with better understandings of both HIV itself and the immune system. Previous issues of our newsletter have often focused on the virus -- discussions of antivirals, side effects and drug resistance. But for HIV treatment to advance further, the immune system side of the equation requires equal attention. This issue offers overviews of how the immune system works and the concept of immune restoration. We've also asked some of our colleagues to look at specific therapies and strategies that might give the immune system the kick in the butt it needs to help slow down HIV disease progression and improve immune function. HAART has dramatically improved the lives of many PLWAs, but the limitations of antiviral therapy highlight the need to engage the immune system in the fight against HIV.

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