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On the Home Front
How to Take Charge of Food Safety At Home

January 2003

Here's what you can do when it's your turn to take charge of food safety.

When Choosing Seafood:

Storing Perishables:




--Paula Kurtzweil and Audrey Hingley

Key Cutting Board Rules

FDA advises consumers to follow these practices to prevent cross-contamination from a cutting board, not only for seafood but all other foods, as well:--P.K.

Who's at Risk?

People with certain diseases and conditions need to be especially careful to follow safe seafood practices. Their diseases or the medicines they take may put them at risk for serious illness or death from contaminated seafood.

These conditions include:

Older adults also may be at increased risk because they more often have these conditions. People with these diseases or conditions should never eat raw seafood--only seafood that has been thoroughly cooked.


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