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FDA Sponsored AIDS Health Fraud Task Forces

June 14, 2001

Current Locations FDA Representative Telephone Numbers
Alabama Sandra Baxter 615-781-5385 ext 122
615-781-5383 FAX
Arizona Gil Meza 602-829-7396 ext 225
California Rosario Vior 949-798-7607
949-798-7715 FAX
Colorado Virlie Walker 303-236-3018
303-236-3551 FAX
Delaware Valley
Anitra Brown-Reed 215-597-4390 ext 4202
215-597-6649 FAX
Florida Lynne Isaacs 407-648-6922 ext 202
407-648-6881 FAX
Georgia Barbara Wood 404-347-4001
404-347-1912 FAX
Illinois Darlene Bailey 312-353-5863
312-886-3280 FAX
Indiana Janet LeClair 317-226-6500 ext 13
317-226-6506 FAX
Louisiana Vacant 504-589-2420
504-589-6360 FAX
CATS (Capital & Tri-States)
Jeannine Prego 410-962-3731
410-962-2307 FAX
Michigan Evelyn DeNike 313-226-6260
313-226-3076 FAX
Minnesota Steve Davis 414-771-7167
414-771-7512 FAX
New Jersey Joan Lytle 732-940-8946 ext 33
732-940-8936 FAX
New Mexico Cynthia Jim 505-248-7392
505-248-7394 FAX
New York Vacant 718-340-7000 ext 5754
718-340-4470 FAX
Nevada Lilia Kraai 408-291-7072 ext 13
408-291-7074 FAX
North Carolina Mary Lewis 919-856-4456
919-856-4776 FAX
Ohio Ruth Weisheit 330-273-1038
330-225-7477 FAX
Puerto Rico Nielda Villegas 787-729-6852
787-729-6847 FAX
Texas Sheryl Baylor 713-802-9095 ext 115
713-802-0906 FAX

For additional information on the FDA AIDS Fraud Task Fraud program, please visit FDA, States Collaborate for Safety's Sake.

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