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Making HAART Work for You:

A Self-Assessment Quiz

Find out how well you are coping with HIV with this quiz. Helpful tips are included that may make it easier for you to stay on therapy. The quiz is in three parts. Please note: This quiz is absolutely anonymous and no information will be collected.

Part 1 -- What Would You Do?

1. When you go to the doctor and a tongue depressor is put in your mouth, do you:

A. hum a happy tune?
B. think about the chocolate bar you just ate and wish you hadn't?
C. gag?
D. close your eyes and pray?

2. It's the heart of winter, and you're walking along an icy city sidewalk on your way to work. You think you hear someone call your name, so you turn and fall full force on your behind, with important papers flying. Do you:

A. call for help?
B. try to get up yourself, shoving a helpful hand away?
C. slide along the sidewalk on your behind, trying desperately to pick up papers?
D. accept a helping hand?

3. You're planning your first vacation since starting your medicine -- a romantic tropical jaunt with your lover -- and you decide to:

A. leave those pesky anti-HIV medicines at home.
B. take the anti-HIV medicines with you, but decide to throw caution to the sea and take them only 2 out of the 7 days.
C. take them with you and take them every day as directed.
D. choose a cabana that's close to the sea so you're never too far away from your meds.

4. You've been on your meds for 2 weeks now and the side effects are bringing you down. Do you:

A. stop taking the meds, just until the side effects go away?
B. call your healthcare professional and see how you can best manage them?
C. grin and bear it?
D. ask another HIV+ friend on the same drug cocktail what to do?

5. You've got a million things to do before Christmas holidays. You're out shopping and you're feeling depressed and angry about being HIV+. You bump into an old friend in the mall who says, "You know, a positive attitude helps heal your body." This makes you feel like:

A. bopping your friend over the head; but you smile and realize your state of mind does affect your body.
B. telling him it's none of his business, and that you're fine.
C. he's right, but you're feeling freaked out anyway, and you decide to stay freaked out.
D. asking your friend for help.

Part 2 -- Quick Confessions

1. Are you taking your anti-HIV medicines exactly as prescribed by your doctor?

A. rarely
B. sometimes
C. most of the time
D. always

2. Do you take "drug holidays," or skip doses? If so, how often?

A. every day
B. once a week
C. once a month or less
D. never

3. Are you having any side effects from your regimen?
If so, are they ...

A. so bad that you can't take your pills
B. pretty bad, but bearable
C. rare and no big deal
D. none

4. How are you feeling mentally?

A. out of control, in denial with it
B. freaked out, but trying to cope
C. mildly concerned, but dealing with it
D. very positive


Part 3 -- Your Attitude: Check It Out

What do you believe? Mark each of the following statements T if it's true for you, F if you believe it's false, and ? if you're undecided.

T F ? I am handling my HIV status well.
T F ? If I get an opportunistic infection, it's the beginning of the end.
T F ? I believe my drug therapy can save my life.
T F ? I have trouble sticking with my drug regimen.
T F ? I believe my mental attitude can affect my illness.
T F ? Having HIV makes me feel damaged.
T F ? I am too frightened to function.
T F ? Doing anything is useless because I'm going to die.
T F ? I can survive for years with HIV if I take care of myself.
T F ? Support groups are silly.
T F ? I can handle my problems by myself.

Used with permission of
GlaxoSmithKline. All rights reserved.

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