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What You Can Do to Help
Resources for Helping HIV-Positive Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina

October 1, 2005

This information has been compiled by The Body based on information provided by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and other sources.

Helping in General

The most efficient way to help is to send money. This will help AIDS organizations provide gift certificates for people to buy clothing and household goods. However, donations of clothing, dry food goods or personal hygiene products also may be sent to each agency individually. If you donate either money or goods to any of these organizations, please indicate that your donation is for the hurricane relief.

Some of these organizations would also love volunteers. For volunteers in or headed to relief areas, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has issued these recommendations.

For a state-by-state listing of all AIDS organizations in the United States, click here.


If you are part of an organization that can help those displaced, the best thing to do is contact the American Red Cross to locate shelters in your area, then offer to assist anyone who identifies as HIV positive or is in need of medical help. Several shelters have indicated that their medical volunteers have run across people in need and they are looking for referral sources.

For information on how to register, go to, and then go to the local chapters section. You'll probably have to go in person because their online services are bogged down with volunteers. They are looking for special needs housing -- and it will take time to find the right person given the chaos of placing refugees. You can also try to find the medical triage crew for your area and ask them if they know of anyone who needs assistance.

If you wish to register your AIDS housing program that is in an area where refugees have not yet arrived, please connect to the Houston, Jackson, Birmingham or Memphis Red Cross chapters and find the medical triage specialist. You'll need to be vigilant to get to the right person(s). Also, has a link to offer housing and is coordinating the national effort.

If you are an individual willing to house HIV-positive (or HIV-negative) Katrina evacuees in your home, there are a number of organizations you can contact (though you should first contact those in the areas affected by the hurricane) and Web sites where you can post your offer -- see the listings below.

AIDS Organizations Providing Housing

This is a partial listing, for a state-by-state listing of all AIDS organizations in the United States, click here.

In Louisiana

In Texas

Web Sites Providing Housing Assistance

Resources for Physicians and Healthcare Workers

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