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Letter From the Editor

By Joseph Bick, M.D., C.C.H.P.

November/December 2005

Dear Correctional Colleagues:

This month, IDCR focuses on common dilemmas in the care of the HIV-infected incarcerated individual. Dr. David Wohl reviews four common scenarios faced by HIV-infected inmate patients and their clinicians: the treatment-experienced patient entering prison off of antiretroviral therapy, the HIV and hepatitis B virus co-infected patient, acute HIV infection and multi-drug resistant HIV.

Dr. Wohl points out that these common dilemmas are made more challenging given the constraints that exist in jails and prisons. Correctional clinicians must often seek creative solutions to meet the needs of their incarcerated patients. We believe that IDCR continues to serve an important role in disseminating these "best practice" solutions to our colleagues who work behind bars.

Also in this issue, Dr. Joseph Paris and IDCR managing editor Courtney Colton review the highlights of this autumn's annual Conference of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, which took place in October in Denver, Colorado. This annual meeting is one of the most important gatherings of correctional health care providers.

This month's HIV101 provides a table of currently available antiretroviral (ARV) agents, with comments on the advantages and disadvantages of each ARV class.

At the end of this issue, readers should be familiar with some of the dilemmas faced in correctional healthcare and how to best tackle these dilemmas. Readers should also be familiar with preferred and alternative regimens for the initial treatment of HIV.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Dr. David Thomas, who has served this past year as IDCR's Co-Chief Editor. We appreciate Dr. Thomas' long-term commitment to the health of the incarcerated, and thank him for the fine job that he has done for IDCR this past year. Dr. Wohl, an active member of IDCR's Editorial Board, has agreed to step up and manage content for 2006. Dr. Wohl is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of North Carolina, and is Co-Director of HIV Services for the North Carolina Department of Corrections. We all look forward to working with Dr. Wohl during this coming year to ensure that IDCR continues to meet the educational needs of our correctional colleagues around the world.

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