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Considering Your Options?
Part of HIV Medications: When to Start and What to Take

December 2010

There are many different possible combinations of HIV medications that can make up a HAART regimen, and no single combination is going to be the "best" for everyone. However, researchers are constantly working to determine whether certain combinations generally work better than others.

According to the December 2009 edition of the U.S. DHHS guidelines (the most recent version as of the release of this booklet), these HAART regimens are considered "preferred" for people who are just starting HIV treatment:

You can learn more about each of these drugs in this chart .

There are a number of key things you and your doctor should consider before choosing one of these regimens (or another regimen entirely).

"Boosted" Medications

Any medication that increases the power of another medication can be called a booster. In HIV treatment, a small dose of Norvir, a protease inhibitor, is often used as a booster for other protease inhibitors, such as Prezista and Reyataz. One drug, Kaletra, is considered a boosted combination since it consists of lopinavir and a small dose of Norvir.

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