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In the Life: Claire Touchie

January 2003

Claire Touchie

Vanity Fair readers have every month since 1993 enjoyed "The Proust Questionnaire," a series of questions posed to celebrities and other famous subjects. In May 2002, IAPAC Monthly introduced "In the Life," through which IAPAC members are asked to bare their souls by answering ten questions.

This month, IAPAC Monthly is proud to feature Claire Touchie, Assistant Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the University of Ottawa, The Ottawa Hospital, Canada.

What proverb, colloquial expression, or quote best describes how you view the world and yourself in it?

"Tout arrive à point à qui sait attendre." [Everything comes to those who wait.]

What activities, avocations, or hobbies interest you? Do you have a hidden talent?

Family life with time for my husband and daughter. I am particularly fond of gardening and cooking.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The south of France for the heat, coloring, lavender scent, and food -- Canada for everything else.

Who are your mentors or real life heroes?

Dr. Tom Marrie for guiding me in my career and Dr. Dale Dauphinée for listening.

With what historical figure do you most identify?

Not answered.

Who are your favorite authors, painters, and/or composers?

Marguerite Yourcenar for her rendition of medieval medicine; Stewart McLean, a Canadian author, for making me laugh; and J.S. Bach for his unmatched talent.

If you could have chosen to live during any time period in human history, which would it be?

Medieval Europe, because women played an active role and had influence on day-to-day life.

If you did not have the option of becoming a physician, what would you have likely become given the opportunity?

An anthropologist or a chef.

In your opinion, what are the greatest achievements and failures of humanity?

Antibiotics and vaccines, amongst many. A repeat failure, which is almost predictable, is war.

What is your prediction as to the future of our planet one full decade from present day?

I believe that we are entering a dark age of humanity with more battles between the richer and poorer nations with an eventual fall of life, as we know it.

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