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Online Resources for HIV-Positive Heterosexuals
Chat, Post an Ad, or Meet at a Conference

Compiled by Laura Jones

March/April 2005

Online networking ... everyone's doing it, including people living with HIV/AIDS. Below you'll find links to social and dating networks geared specifically for heterosexuals, or which provide space for HIV-positive heterosexual women and men in addition to the broader HIV/AIDS community. Basic safety rules apply in online dating, just as they do in real-life dating: Keep your personal information personal (phone, address, workplace, etc.), know your own motives and boundaries, trust your gut while getting to know someone, and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. For more detailed information on online dating safety, check sites for articles specific to this topic. According to it's keeper, "The Most Comprehensive Online dating and lifestyle resource for people living with HIV and AIDS". Free trial membership. "Comprehensive List of AIDS/HIV and Poz Chat Rooms on IRC and The Internet" -- They're not all heterosexually-focused, but you'll find what you're looking for. Personals ads and links to other sites maintained by Canada's own son, DaveyBoy.

HIVSTRAIGHT: Lots of general HIV info as well as links for social groups all over the country.

Planet Poz: New Mexico site with content for straight and gay HIV-positive people alike. Contact them if you'd like to contribute links, events, and other resources to the site.

Positive Connections: Very comprehensive site run by the Center for Positive Connections, geared towards heterosexual people living with HIV/AIDS. Chat, Personals, nationwide Buddy List and Support Group contacts, plus an annual cruise and retreats... check out the whole site. HIV-positive personals ads, including heterosexual women and men. Dating site for folks with all manner of sexually-transmitted infections, including herpes as well as HIV.

Positive Talk: Heterosexual HIV-positive support and resources -- our buddy Steve's site. Very useful for the Chicagoans! chat: Chatroom for HIV-positive heterosexuals. New free online personals service from POZ Magazine. Contact POZ for more information: Personals ads from the Living Positive Community. Global! All-inclusive! Whee! Bulletin boards for all, including heterosexuals, in both English and Spanish. More information than dating focus, so mind the Guidelines.

Wendy's Page: Wendy has compiled quite the list of heterosexually-oriented weblinks, and maintains a great info page... thank you, Wendy!

Yahoo HIV Chat: I couldn't log on here, but you'll be able to navigate it if you're familiar with Yahoo chat groups.

Not up for dating, but still want to get your swerve on? Looking to expand those safer-sexual horizons with a partner? The following links will put you in contact with purveyors of quality sex toys (vibrators, dildos, sleeves, rings, and other sexual-pleasure aides), as well as erotica and sexual health books, videos, and other information sources. Masturbation is a healthy and pleasurable sexual expression for single and partnered people alike, and using toys with a partner can provide additional options for low- and no-risk intimacy that leave everyone feeling good.

Good Vibrations: San Francisco's premier woman-owned sex toy emporium also runs "Down There Press," the independent publishing company responsible for The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex. Excellent for toys, books, videos, and more!

Toys in Babeland: Also woman-owned, with a fine selection of toys for both women and men. Reliable information on toy use and safer sex in general, too.

Early 2 Bed: Chicago's finest sex shop. Stop in and say hello to Searah, Early2Bed's friendly and knowledgeable proprietor. Men's and women's toys, but a primarily male staff ... you can contact them for toy recommendations and sexual-health information. Good source of online sexuality education, too.

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