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Christian Kiley


From Presidential Politics to AIDS 'Patient Zero,' America Loves a Scapegoat
October 27, 2016

After being asked by a number of editors to write something about the presidential election, today it struck me that I had finally found my angle on the whole thing. Like many Americans, I feel the current political conversation has strayed too far from the issues that have actual, practical effects on voters' circumstances.

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HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part Three
September 10, 2016

How did popular media affect perceptions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1990s?

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HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part Two
April 30, 2016

In this episode we're looking at a selections of TV movies from 1985-1994. Also introducing the MLP Factor™, as well as asking about the term "innocent" as it applies to those living with HIV.

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HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part One
April 25, 2016

An introduction to HIV-positive protagonists in mainstream media. In this first installment, we look at Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia as a starting point. What are the commonalities between Philadelphia and other portrayals of HIV/AIDS in film and television?

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I Am Not Kieran, I Am Kieran: The Story Behind the Story of the Lead Character in Unsure/Positive
March 31, 2016

For about three years, I've had the privilege of using my life experience as a narrative that can inform, educate and emotionally connect with young people. It's also helped me create the lead character in Unsure/Positive.

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Tuning in to HIV: Altering the HIV Narrative With Vimeo on Demand
February 18, 2016

Like the majority of filmmakers, my pursuit of a bona-fide career in the industry has been fraught with false hope, deafening silence, and occasional victories.

One such victory, in my case, was the decision to create an autobiographical narrative about my life. Specifically, my experience being diagnosed with HIV, and living with it.

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Resolutions and New Beginnings
February 4, 2016

Many people know what it is to work an entry-level position. Hourly wages, indifferent coworkers and unpredictable schedules are common, and more often than not, workers are not privy to the institutional process of making decisions about best practices.

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A Long December, Part One
December 28, 2015

On Dec. 1, 2015, I was tired-happy. Things were really looking up -- after two years of work, I was finally able to release my web series, Unsure/Positive. Additionally, I had spent the previous four weeks planning an event at the teen center of my (fairly) new workplace, which I'll call Kids' Hangout, Inc. Both were in honor of World AIDS Day.

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Christian Kiley

Christian Kiley

Christian Daniel Kiley is a filmmaker, HIV awareness educator, husband, uncle, brother and reluctant millennial who was diagnosed with HIV in 2007. At the time of his diagnosis, he refrained from disclosing his status to anyone -- friends, family, let alone the Internet. After five years of isolation, he decided to disclose to his family, friends and then the Internet. Since then, he has earned his MFA in Media Art from Emerson College in Boston, Mass. He is the creator of the Web series, Unsure/Positive, which released its first season via Vimeo on Demand in December 2015. An actor, writer, director, teacher and sci-fi nerd, he also speaks to Boston-area youth about HIV awareness with an emphasis on prevention and destigmatization. Although his dry wit is sometimes mistaken for indifference, his heart has taken up permanent residence on his sleeve. Your questions, opinions, letters and suggestions are welcome at unsurepositive@
. Follow Christian on Twitter, like his photos on Instagram and check him out on Facebook. Be sure to watch his Web series, Unsure/Positive and visit his series website,

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