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Tim Hinkhouse

HIV on the Inside

Worried About Disclosing Your HIV Status During the Holidays? Here's My Advice
December 21, 2018

Happy holidays! I want to wish every one of my HIV-positive brothers and sisters a blessed and safe holiday season. This is the time of year when our family and friends can make time for us from their busy schedules to exchange pleasantries and gifts with us. I just wanted to remind you to keep humility in your hearts, even if someone won't share kind words with you or they give you a gift that isn't what you had wanted. (Make sure you kept the receipt!)

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Living With HIV and Taking Care of Your Health in Prison
November 28, 2018

Here it is, another November, but this one has meant something very special to me. Why is that, you ask? Besides the mid-term elections in which Washington, D.C., got swept by a blue wave, the State of Oregon had its gubernatorial race again, and Governor Kate Brown won a second term. And since Oregon limits governors to two consecutive terms, she can do whatever she wants without fear of repercussions from her constituents. Right now, my focus is the hope that she will grant me the clemency that I asked her for. I have sent her documents talking about the decriminalization of the HIV virus, including how California changed their laws surrounding HIV.

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Reflecting on Life and HIV Outside Prison Pending My Hoped-for Release
October 1, 2018

As I am writing this, we are less than 60 days out till the Oregon elections and Governor Kate Brown gets re-elected or not. As we get closer to November, the reality is starting to get to me about the real possibility of being a free man once again after multiple decades of being in prison. I have been making contact with folks that could steer me in the right direction upon release for various resources.

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Amazed by How Far Science Has Advanced in the Treatment and Prevention of HIV
August 14, 2018

Hello there readers: Recently I was watching my 13-inch flat screen television, and I was absolutely floored by what I saw. I now know that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has come along way because I saw a commercial for Truvada (FTC/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate). That literally made me tear up because of how far science has made advances in HIV research to now be making commercials about HIV prevention.

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Support for My Clemency Application, Update of Oregon HIV Criminalization Laws
August 10, 2018

Hello there readers: If you have been following my blog regularly, then you know that I have been in prison for more than two decades for non-disclosure of my HIV status, which got me a long sentence. I have been in awe of how much things have changed over the years. States like California have made non-disclosure, unprotected sexual intercourse, and even HIV transmission no longer a felony that can land someone in prison for decades. The charge is now a misdemeanor and punishable by county jail time.

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Mental Health and HIV in Prison
June 7, 2018

Recently, I was reading the title of my blog, which is "HIV on the Inside."

Originally, I meant HIV inside these prison walls. After giving it some thought, I want it to mean the HIV inside my body and how it affects me mentally, emotionally, and socially, as well as in whatever other aspects it could affect me today.

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Ignorance About HIV Is Not an Excuse to Be Disrespectful
May 29, 2018

I am thinking that this will be my year, and here is why. This is an election year for the Oregon governor, and I am optimistic about my chances of her granting me clemency and giving me a shot at freedom. I have the support of the Cascade AIDS Project, and their deputy director said that a letter would be drafted and sent on my behalf to the governor. This will hopefully demonstrate that HIV reform needs to happen, and she can make the change that starts with me. Hopefully I will hear shortly after this November election cycle?

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Through Blogging, HIV-Positive People Can Have a Platform to Be Heard and Understood
May 24, 2018

I know that it has been awhile since my last blog entry. Let me start by saying to those of you who are interested in linking my blog, I need you to contact and ask what you need to do. Several people have written asking to do this. Let me remind my readers that I am in prison, and I have no way to access the internet directly, so I can't answer your internet questions or link anything for you. I am sorry.

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24 Years Ago, I Was Arrested for Having HIV and Unprotected Sex and Failing to Disclose
December 11, 2017

On Sept. 26, 2017, it was exactly 24 years to the day that I was arrested for having HIV and unprotected sex, and not disclosing my status. This is 288 months of my life. In some cases, that's more than someone who took a life on purpose. That is roughly 8,760 days of incarceration -- plus the extra days since 1993 that fell on a leap year. I have about 389 months left till Feb. 12, 2050, which is my release date.

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Questions About HIV Criminalization Law Updates, Retroactivity, and Recidivism
December 4, 2017

Recently, my friend in Pennsylvania, who is also a reader of my blog, sent me a printout from titled "HIV Criminalization Update: Some U.S. Nondisclosure Laws Advance, While Others Recede." The subhead that caught me was "California Law Modernizing HIV Criminalization Awaits Governor's Signature" and the line that said: "[T]he bill reduces HIV transmission from a felony to a misdemeanor. This means that people who are convicted will face no more than six months in jail rather than years in prison."

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HIV on the Inside

Tim Hinkhouse

Tim Hinkhouse

I have been HIV-positive for over 25 years and have been in prison in Oregon for almost as long because of my health status and non-disclosure. I'll talk to you about the issues faced by a person in my position along with the discrimination and stigmas attached to it behind these prison walls. I'll tell you about the strength and courage I found inside myself to NOT hang up and let this illness or my circumstances finish me off.

Tim Hinkhouse #7632447
Two Rivers Correctional Inst.
82911 Beach Access Rd.
Umatilla, OR 97882

You can also email me at hi.timothy7019

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