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Tim Hinkhouse

HIV on the Inside

After Finding My Blog, the Son I Abandoned at Birth Gets in Touch
November 13, 2017

I want to share with you something amazing in my life right now, which I can absolutely attribute to my blog. Before I became HIV positive in 1989, I had a girlfriend who had a baby boy born in August of that year. I was there in the delivery room to see him born, and I signed his birth certificate. This was the same year I went to California to party and engage in reckless behaviors instead of staying and doing the responsible thing: raising the child I helped bring into this world.

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Learning to Live With HIV and Be OK
November 8, 2017

As you can see, I am still in prison. Two years ago on Aug. 31, I sent my clemency application to Oregon Governor Kate Brown, asking her for mercy. I had my friend put a petition on asking people to sign it if they agreed that I had spent enough time in prison and urging the governor to let me out. I want to thank those of you who signed the petition and left your comments saying why you signed it. Hopefully this will make a difference?

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A Good Summer: Still Undetectable, and My Biological Family Wants to Be a Part of My Life
August 21, 2017

Hello there readers: I wanted to update you on my life from behind these prison walls. Recently, I had some blood work done, and I found out my CD4 count is over 700 and my viral load is still undetectable. This brings peace to my soul. My liver, however, is another story. I have cirrhosis with about 20% of it scarred over. My diet has been changing to become the best it can be in prison.

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From Reckless to Living Life With Purpose
May 10, 2017

Nineteen years ago, I voluntarily gave up drugs and alcohol, which has been a rough ride mentally and emotionally. I think back to the year 1989 when I was sharing needles and doing meth. If I hadn't gone to California, would I have gotten high using white dope, done all the stupid things I have done and eventually tested positive for HIV? Probably not.

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Facing Liver Problems
May 6, 2017

I believe that I have mentioned that, back in February, I had an ultrasound to find out whether I had gallstones? Turns out they are living inside me. It was also discovered that I have an enlarged and sometimes painful liver. According to the report by the ultrasound tech, I have the symptoms of someone with cirrhosis of the liver. How can this be? I haven't drunk alcohol in over twenty years, and I don't have hepatitis C.

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Character Lessons I Learned While Imprisoned for HIV Criminalization
May 1, 2017

I want to share with you that I have officially been HIV positive for 27 years. I am pretty proud of that. On March 7, it was 23 years since I went to trial to fight my HIV criminalization charges in court. I'll never forget that day and the humiliation that I felt after being crucified in the media because I was an HIV-positive man having unprotected sexual intercourse with consenting adult women.

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Making Progress in Losing Weight, Knowing the Reward Will Be Feeling Better Overall
April 28, 2017

This morning I had a doctor's appointment at 8:00 a.m. to find out the results of my ultrasound. About 7:50 a.m., I leave my unit to get to medical on time for my appointment. I get down there, and the place is full of people waiting to see health professionals. I'm thinking that I'll be there all morning waiting around to be seen.

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No Matter What Gender You Choose to Be, We Can All Stand up and Fight for Human Rights
April 24, 2017

Hello there readers: I was listening to the local rock station this past week, enjoying classic rock music. There was a break in the music, and this was said: "President Trump wants to hire an elite group of people to fight violent criminals. I don't think anyone has told the president that the Avengers are not real!" As you might be able to tell by reading my blog, I am a liberal all the way.

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Med Side Effects: Thinking About How HIV Affects Us Physically
April 20, 2017

Hello there readers: I don't know for sure what all the side effects are of my new once-a-day HIV pill Genvoya [elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide] are, but since I've been taking it I have been having all kinds of issues. On Feb. 15, I had an ultrasound on my abdomen because I've been experiencing symptoms of what I think are gallstones. I have been having pain in my lower right abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fever and chills. I've been told that I'm pale in color when the pain is the most extreme. Fortunately, I am taken seriously by nursing staff compared with the other inmates that "cry wolf" to get attention.

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Prison Doctor Just Switched Me to Genvoya, and I Don't Know What to Expect
February 7, 2017

Hello there readers: I wanted to write and let you know that I finally got to see Dr. Dan Dewsnup yesterday. This is the infectious disease specialist for all 14,000-plus prisoners in the state of Oregon with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. He apparently was at this prison in October 2016 but was unable to see me due to scheduling or something. I have actually been a little concerned about how everything would turn out with my labs because of a cold I had recently. Lots of green tea and cough drops saved me!

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HIV on the Inside

Tim Hinkhouse

Tim Hinkhouse

I have been HIV-positive for over 25 years and have been in prison in Oregon for almost as long because of my health status and non-disclosure. I'll talk to you about the issues faced by a person in my position along with the discrimination and stigmas attached to it behind these prison walls. I'll tell you about the strength and courage I found inside myself to NOT hang up and let this illness or my circumstances finish me off.

Tim Hinkhouse #7632447
Two Rivers Correctional Inst.
82911 Beach Access Rd.
Umatilla, OR 97882

You can also email me at hi.timothy7019

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