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Personal Story
A First HIV Pill -- and a Warm, Affirming Feeling
Part of the Series My First Pill

By Hopeful in LA

August 14, 2014

Brad Dalton

I took my first dose of Complera [rilpivirine/tenofovir/FTC] just two days ago.* Driving to pick up my prescription made me so nervous. I kept searching for a sign to not pick it up today. Just a few months ago, I was negative and saying I would hate to have to take a pill every day. I've always been relatively healthy and rarely ever took any kind of medicine.

But, alas, I contracted HIV at some point -- most likely just a couple of months ago since I had a high viral load (was just getting over the initial viral infection when initially tested), yet a negative antibody test. All my blood work showed great results and even improvements in T cells and a reduction in viral load each time (three tests within two months). So, it almost seemed too soon.

Maybe there's hope my herbs were doing the trick. I picked up the pills with just enough time to go eat and take the pill before a first rehearsal for a play. I was kind of a mess and knew I needed to pull myself together. The restaurant seemed to be out of everything I wanted and I had to eat a dish I normally would never eat as I was running out of time before rehearsal. I ended up sitting in my car after eating to have privacy. I opened the bottle and took out the pill and held it to my heart, closed my eyes and asked it to only do its healing function. My body filled with a warm, affirming feeling and I swallowed the pill and drove to rehearsal. Rehearsal went great. Two pills in now and so far so good.

* This story was submitted to on July 11, 2014.

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