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Press Release
CDC Updates and Expands Female Condom Information on Website

July 23, 2014

In response to a March letter sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on behalf of the NFCC, the agency has revised the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention website to reflect updated, accurate, and affirming female condom information.

The site now differentiates between male and female condoms, enabling greater visibility for this important prevention option. The agency also highlights FCs as an effective means of HIV, STI, and pregnancy prevention, equivalent to male condoms in reducing risk when used consistently and correctly. The new language also acknowledges the use of female condoms for anal sex.

The NFCC thanks the CDC for addressing many of the concerns raised by advocates regarding the manner in which female condom information was presented on the website. As a trusted source of scientific and medical information globally and nationally, the CDC's acknowledgement that female condoms are effective HIV, STI, and pregnancy prevention tool advances efforts to bring this important prevention option further into the mainstream.

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