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Press Release
Request for Workshop Submissions: SPEAK UP! A National Leadership Summit for Women Living With HIV
Ramada Plaza Beach Resort at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA September 17-19, 2014

June 10, 2014

SPEAK UP! A National Leadership Summit for Women Living With HIV

Positive Women's Network - USA is hosting our first-ever National Leadership Summit for Women Living With HIV, this Fall! SPEAK UP! A National Leadership Summit for Women Living with HIV will be held September 17-19, 2014 in Fort Walton, Beach Fl. The Summit is designed to provide 200 women living with HIV with a learning and networking experience which supports their ability to advocate for themselves, their families, the communities in which they reside and within the larger community of women living with HIV across the United States.

If you are interested in contributing to this growing and vibrant community then we encourage you to submit an application to conduct a workshop at the Summit. As a workshop leader you will ensure that information and skill-building activities are provided in line with PWN-USA values and goals for the Summit. Your workshop will enable Summit participants to discuss and work on critical policy, advocacy, and research issues relevant to women's lives, and foster a growing national community among women living with HIV.

There will be 4 workshop tracks at the Summit: 1) Policy & Advocacy, 2) Building Leadership Skills, 3) Rights, Power & Justice and 4) Media and Communications. Each workshop is 90 minutes in length. Descriptions of workshop tracks are below:

Workshop Track DescriptionDescription
Policy & AdvocacyWorkshops in the Policy and Advocacy track will examine or discuss timely policy and/or advocacy trends relevant to women with HIV in the US and give participants tools to get involved or take action.
Building Leadership SkillsWorkshops in the Leadership Skills track will focus on developing specific skills that enhance leadership by women living with HIV.
Rights, Power & JusticeWorkshops in the Rights, Power and Justice track will focus on building critical consciousness and/or ability to use a human rights/social justice framework in advocacy. Workshops in this track may also focus on rights and justice issues that disproportionately impact some communities among women living with HIV.
Media and CommunicationWorkshops in the Media and Communications track will focus on building media and communications capacity of participants to effectively advocate on policy issues in print, audio, television, and/or social media.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop leaders are expected to adhere to the same requirements as all other participants. All presenters will be required to pay a $75 registration fee, which is due by Tuesday, July 15, 2014. The registration fee includes lodging, meals and Summit material. However, you will be responsible for your transportation to and from the conference. Please check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Guidelines for Submissions

Applicants may submit up to two workshops for consideration. For each 90 minute workshop, applicants should follow the suggested format below. Workshops submissions must be one page in length and be in a font 11 point or over but not smaller. Your submission will not be reviewed if it is more than one page (8.5 x 11) in length or if the font is smaller than 11 point. There is no limit to the number of total presenters on a workshop.

Workshop submissions will be reviewed and evaluated on the following criteria: 1) alignment with track description, PWN-USA values, and Summit goals 2) clarity of description 3) appropriateness of suggested format. We strongly encourage applicants to consider formats that engage participants, rather than simply presenting information. In addition, the program committee will review overall workshop acceptances with an eye towards diversity of presenters, particularly in demographics, geography, skills, and expertise.

Email or fax workshop submissions by Friday, June 27, 2014 to: Vanessa Johnson, PWN-USA Training and Leadership Development Director at or fax: 202.408-1818.

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