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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming: A Negative Opinion on PrEP

By Enrique Franco

March 16, 2014

I have been reading and viewing a lot of videos on how PrEP has become the new "condom." Gay men everywhere are openly saying that it's OK to engage in bareback sex with HIV-positive men so long as you take PrEP on a regular basis. These guys sound worse than the bug chasers. WHAT THE HELL is going on within our LGBT community? Is THIS the norm? Is this type of behavior all right to exhibit toward straight people and those negative guys and girls? Are we, within our LGBT community, creating our OWN new issue for those straight people and negative people to pass rightful judgment on how we view sexual responsibilities? REALLY?? The most serious question to ask here is WHY IS THIS OK?

Once more those self-righteous, religious fanatics have fresh ammunition against us gay people, negative or positive. Once more the Republican politicians have ammunition required to pass stricter and crueler laws and regulations on us positive people. And once more those responsible HIV-positive gays have to address and correct this issue IN THE OPEN.

I can only speak for myself when I say that those gay men saying that using PrEP in this method is OK are DEAD WRONG. They are behaving sexually irresponsibly. They want to continue to engage in a sexual vice without the consequences. NO. This has to be addressed and their message and ideas stopped or corrected. That was my first issue.

Second issue: Why is only HIV a scary thing to have when it comes to two men talking about having sex and then one is scared off when he learns that this other guy is positive? I'm sorry, but I DO THINK that having HIV AND being undetectable is a being in a far better place than having herpes or syphilis or gonorrhea. Seriously, what the hell happened with those viruses? Aren't THEY still scary? I am not proud to address this but I've had a few of the other stuff AND they hurt my body far more than my HIV has.

It is the year 2014 people. And, from what I've been seeing and hearing we are not moving forward with HIV education, awareness, and prevention. It seems to me like nobody really cares. Oh ... you have HIV? NO PROBLEM ... I will just drop some PrEP in me and we can f%^$k bareback. Or, oooh ... you say you have HIV? Oh nooooo ... I don't wanna catch THAT. But, it's not that big a deal if you have herpes or syphilis. REALLY?

I realize that by openly writing about these issues I am probably stirring the pot so to speak. Frankly though, I feel a responsibility to share my point of view. We have TWO pink elephants in our LGBT living room and I for one am calling them out. So, if any of you fellow LGBT people, negative or positive, have something to add to what I am saying all I ask is that you come at this discussion maturely, respectfully and intellectually. We are all in this fight together. Let's have a mature open forum and discuss the pros and cons on both of these matters if you feel the need to say something. But, PLEASE say SOMETHING.

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