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YouTube User Discloses HIV-Positive Status in Video

By Mathew Rodriguez

February 17, 2014

Making the decision to disclose your HIV status is a big deal -- so why not do it in a big way? For Nolan Hill, the Internet was the best venue to tell his story. "I would really like to educate others about HIV stigma, and all that people go through when diagnosed," he said. In a 17-minute video titled "My Confession" that he posted to YouTube on Jan. 20, Hill masterfully tells his story by weaving together pre-written cue cards and a Top-40 playlist including songs by Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles and Pink.

Hill's story is remarkable. It includes his challenges coming out as gay, his issues with his family and a car accident that started the events leading to his diagnosis. Check out the video below:

What do you think? Does any of Hill's story ring true for you? Have you ever used a grand gesture to tell someone your HIV status? Hill wants to use the Internet and his story to fight stigma. Do you think this is the way to do it? Discuss in the comment section!

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