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NBC Channel 4 World AIDS Day Report 2009
A Video Blog

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

December 1, 2013

Today I reminisced to when I started out as an AIDS activist. This was my first news interview and I couldn't believe I found it after all these years. I was actually looking back on some old photos of friends and ex-boyfriends that passed away. I found this news interview and it was when I was about 29, which was about 4 years ago. Now I look at my life now and I didn't think I would be married legally and I didn't think I would be a father. I didn't think that I would've come out with a children's book about HIV or have done HIV activism as deeply as I have now.

Sometimes I think about my death and I wonder if my son will know about the work I've done. I wonder if he knows about how serious HIV/AIDS really is. I know several generations before me probably said the same things about me when I was "growing up gay". Some of them are still around probably shaking their heads at some in my generations that shrug their shoulders at HIV/AIDS. We will never know until time tells us the truth and only truth can come with time.

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