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October 24, 2013
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thumbnail image for blurbA Nightmare on Elm Street Star Mark Patton on Fighting his HIV Horror Story With Honesty

Mark Patton is the most famous living actor with HIV, having starred in the second film of the cult classic series A Nightmare on Elm Street.

thumbnail image for blurb For Gay Men, HIV PrEP and Sexual Risk Are Not Necessarily Bedfellows
A new study evaluated sexual risk-taking among gay men who are on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) -- a contentious issue. The results surprise, and illuminate risk in the gay community.

thumbnail image for blurb European AIDS Conference Rails Against Russian "Anti-Gay" Law
A major HIV research conference got unusually political last week, when speakers at the opening session lambasted the Russian government over its approval of a new, stigmatizing law.

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other sides of hiv

thumbnail image for blurbMany types of medications can save or improve lives, but they can also have unintended consequences. Side effects of meds (whether for HIV or some other condition) can be mild or life altering, horrible or even pleasurable; some people living with HIV never experience any at all. Whether you've worried about side effects or dealt with them firsthand, it seems like everyone's got a story about them. We want to know about yours.

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thumbnail image for blurbWhy Patients (and Their Doctors) Choose Not to Start HIV Treatment
Think the main reasons people avoid HIV meds are related to a fear of side effects, or an aversion to taking pills every day? Guess again: A new study pushes back against those long-held assumptions.

thumbnail image for blurb Integrase Inhibitor GSK744 Safe, Effective as Once-Daily Oral Pill
GSK744 is being developed as an HIV drug people would only have to take once every month (or less!). But if that doesn't work out, it may still have a bright future as a daily pill, new research finds.

thumbnail image for blurb Will You Do Better on Atripla or Stribild? It May Depend on Your Race
A new study finds that African Americans are less likely to keep their viral load down on Atripla -- and that more trouble with side effects may be the reason.

thumbnail image for blurb Conceiving of Conception? If Your Man's on Meds, PrEP's Protection Appears Pointless

Effective antiretroviral therapy for people with HIV is an excellent HIV prevention tool all by itself, especially for HIV-positive men and HIV-negative women who are trying to have a baby together, a study found.

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Paul Halsall (From Manchester, UK) on "Robert Vazquez-Pacheco on Race, ACT UP and Why Older HIV/AIDS Leaders Need to Pass the Torch"

"ACT UP/NY never closed down. It has been working on what it can do for many years. Just because Pacheco left (as he had every right to do -- it's emotionally draining) does not mean ACT UP ceased to exist."

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thumbnail image for blurbAaron Laxton: What if Ryan White Had Been Black?

"In the late '80s a hemophiliac from Kokomo, Ind., contracted HIV through a blood transfusion ... Had Ryan White been a black or brown boy with HIV, would he have received the media attention that he received?"

thumbnail image for blurb Dave R.: Look at Us, Damnit! We're Not One Color! We're a Flaming HIV Rainbow!
"Why do we want equal billing on everything from prime-time TV shows to Olympic podiums? Why do we feel the need to prove that we're as good as the straights?"

thumbnail image for blurb Chris Lavery: Food for Thought -- An Observation on Longevity
"At a stage in life when top activities might include playing Bingo and watching Maury, Elliott Carter wrote tough music that kicked ass and took no prisoners, every day. To me, that's inspirational."

thumbnail image for blurb Lynda Arnold: Why Cry When You Can Laugh About It?
"I really don't want to look 'sick' but I don't want to look like a zebra with very thin hair either." goes social

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thumbnail image for blurbUsing One's Positive Status to Do Something Positive Drives New Campaign

A brand-new campaign in Philadelphia uses the faces of local, HIV-positive community members to encourage testing, erase stigma and make the term "positive" one of hope.

thumbnail image for blurb Other Sides of HIV: On Not Having HIV Med Side Effects -- and Keeping It That Way
Eric's HIV medication regimen brought only minor side effects -- some nausea, some dry skin -- so his health routine became about actively maintaining good health.

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Aging With HIV and Meds
(A recent post from the "Living With HIV" board)

"As stated by iam1 in another thread, there are many of us that have been living with being pos and on meds for many, many years. For me it's been going on for 20 years now. And I do believe that it has created issues in certain areas. I've read where you can add 20 years onto your age if you've been on meds for 10 years or more. And my knees, hip and ankle joints will agree. Definitely has changed how I get up from kneeling on ground. Not a pretty picture. And that is IF I can get up at all."

 -- riverprincess

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thumbnail image for blurbNew "Virulent" Strain of HIV Spreading Rapidly Through Siberia Identified by Russian Scientists; Accounts for Half of New Infections

A strain of HIV emerging in Russia, 02_AG/A, spreads more easily and more rapidly than other strains, fueling one of the "fastest-spreading HIV/AIDS epidemics in any one country in history."

thumbnail image for blurb AVAC's Take on HIV Prevention Research
According to the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (AVAC), one thing may stunt many of the newest tools from being effective in the fight against HIV: implementation.

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