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I Have HIV and I Am Human

By Maria T. Mejia

October 16, 2013

I know most people know I have HIV ... but at the same time they forget I have it, because I do not look sick. HIV has no face ... think before you write me please ... I have feelings! I have people telling me, 'Oh wow, if I were to find out I am poz ... I would kill myself!!' or 'I had many friends with HIV, they are all dead now, you probably have 5 more years left???' REALLY? NO! ONLY WHEN MY MISSION IS COMPLETE, I WILL GO TO THE LIGHT! Others are not even HIV positive and stress me out "I think I am poz and I am depressed! "GO GET TESTED" Some tested negative and still think they have HIV!!! YOU ARE NEGATIVE..STOP STRESSING ME OUT over what you do not have!! AND REMEMBER I DO HAVE HIV! So please, don't act like you're talking to a DOCTOR! I am just a person that fights against stigma and educates everyone! But at the end of the day, I have HIV and I am HUMAN.


Maria T Mejia

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