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Are You Clean?

By Rev. Andrena Ingram

June 14, 2013

Clean up your language!

Clean up your language!

Does your language need a good wash????

Singing: "You're not fully clean, unless you're gracefully clean"!

By now, you know that hashtags are being utilized on Facebook. I decided to hashtag #hiv and found a statement along these lines, which basically stated that the person took the "at home HIV Test" and tested negative.

He stated: "I'm clean"!

... and my #stigma radar went through the roof!

See, it's language like that which keeps folks from finding out their status. That "clean" word implies that those who test positive are 'dirty'. Language like that keeps people from getting the help they need. Language like that is shaming.

I got tested over 25 years ago ... my test results came back that I am HIV positive ... and you know what? I am STILL clean!

... and as an added bonus .... I am 'gracefully' clean. Thanks be to God!

Much thanks to The Stigma Project for the image!

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