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Believe in Yourself No Matter What Trials We Go Through

By Maria T. Mejia

May 10, 2013

I fall ... but I will always pick myself up! I may cry ... but I wipe my tears and continue loving and caring. I may have been in dark moments where I felt everything was upside down ... but I always know there is a light ! ALWAYS!! Nothing lasts forever ... good things or bad things. As I always say, from the darkest places comes the brightest lights. Sometimes we may feel like giving up but that fighting spirit makes us continue and shows us what we are made of.

You have 2 choices in life ... FIGHT OR GIVE UP! Giving up is not an option We all have struggles and you are not alone. We all have some type of sadness ... you are not alone. But you have made it this far, There is a purpose for you, even if you feel you have no purpose or mission. Continue trucking and uplifting yourself so you can do that for others. Love yourself so you can love others and make that change. Always know that you may think that things are crazy now and everyone else is doing well around you in every aspect and you may feel like you are stuck! Reality is everyone has their own trials and problems ... some show them, some don't.

Never think you are not loved or cared for or that maybe God is forgetting you, he loves you!! Just know that through pain we grow and sometimes it seems like we have always had pain and when will it end ... Well, I have no answer for that! But I do know that we are very blessed to be here and you can achieve anything you want! When things get tough..,cry if you need to ... it is ok to feel angry if you need to ... but at the end, everything will be OK! And things will turn out the way they should ... and some may not! But the important thing is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You are amazing. We are amazing. I am amazing. And we all deserve happiness even if they're instants or moments.

Remember that caterpillar had to go through many, many struggles to get strong become and butterfly and fly ... so fly fly fly

Love and light,

Maria T. Mejia

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