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Taking Medication When It Is Not Always Convenient

By Teniecka Drake

May 24, 2013

Teniecka Drake

Teniecka Drake

Oh my goodness, how long has it been since doing a regular journal? I cannot believe how time goes by so fast at times. What is new -- I have finally gotten my degree. I got it in April; finished classes in February. My youngest daughter is now almost 5 months old and doing really great. My other three children are doing excellent; my oldest will be starting kindergarten for the fall school year. The family is doing wonderful and I am blessed to have them in my life.

The HIV medications that I have been taking a little over a decade: I still fight with it. Of course, I understand all too well the extreme importance of taking these meds. I wanted to write for those people that feel there is no time to take them. Yes, I do agree that taking medication can present issues when one has so many different events going on. I have found myself almost not being able to take my pills. I always have a backup plan to my backup, which I often need.

For instance, I recently had to go to an event where I was not going to be home to get my meds. In my purse I carry a tiny pill pouch and it holds only one day's worth of pills. That day I had to use those pills in my purse and when I got home I knew I needed to fill it back up.

Family life or even just a busy work schedule or any other variety of things may try to prevent you from taking your medication. I always have to plan for the unexpected for my medication. Being a new mother and having to take care of my family with errands and all the other domestic duties can be quite challenging. It sometimes amazes me: How in the world do I cope with these tasks? I know it is a lot of prayer and just doing the best I can to take care of myself. It is not easy by any means and I know that my family depends on me.

Life is quite interesting to say the least right now. With a house full of young children all under six years of age it can become exhausting. I will keep writing as often as I am able to do so and hopefully it will not take me so long to get another blog done.

˜Smile because tomorrow is a new day˜


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