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"Little Feet, Big Steps," A Children's AIDS Walk Book
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By Justin B. Terry-Smith

May 5, 2013

"Little Feet, Big Steps" follows a young girl named Gabby through her discovery of what it means to bring communities together and be a part of something big. Gabby turns to family, friends and neighbors to raise money for her local AIDS WALK. Through this experience Gabby realizes she can help make a difference in a big way for people who are living with AIDS, just by walking and raising money. "Little Feet, Big Steps" is meant to encourage, motivate and inspire children. Their age does not have to impact their dreams and wishes of making a difference.

"I brought this book for my daughter after a colleague recommended it to me. The author has a very appealing approach demonstrating to children what it means to take a stand for a belief. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the book and I have seen her read through it a few times by herself. I would pass it along to a friend."
Lucia Strojnik

"What an adorable story and great pictures... this is a great way to teach kids how to give back... I can't wait to see what other adventures Gabby will have."
A sad kindle owner

"This is a great book for preschool and early elementary school kids. Wonderful story about a little girl and the AIDS Walk."
Barry S Cohn

"Brit Sharon is a power house for inspiration, creativity and leadership. Only in her early 20's, Brit has accomplished more than many of my closest friends. Little Feet, Big Steps is the perfect example of where children's books are and should be headed. It is a story filled with fictional fun and the harsh realities of life. Brit is a leader and we need more leaders like her. Please read, share and talk about this book. Give your child and community the opportunity to find their greatness just as Brit Sharon has found hers."
Gamal Palmer

"Although considered a children's book, the story line is inspiring for any age group. Brit Sharon beautifully unfolded this story through wonderment and determination. This book is the catalyst for children and people everywhere to make a difference. I am looking forward to other adventures that Brit will take Gaby on..."
Sydney Grossman, CEO of A Slice of PR

"I'm so glad I found this book for my daughter. its so inspiring and had her want to sign up for a walk. She's now going to do relay for life at her school! LOVE THIS!"
Charlene Wee

"Little Feet, Big Steps is a cute book with a powerful meaning behind it. It is a great childrens' story, and may even motivate them to get up and be a part of a charitable event themselves. It's all about taking action in your local communities and making a difference."

"This book is truly amazing. I loved the storyline. It really gives children pride to be able to do something for people in their own community. My hat is off to the author and illustrator. The book was great to read and my 16 year old even loves. it Thank you so much for paving the way for future activist and world leaders."
Justin B Terry-Smith

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